Organising Challenge ~ Straighten the sheets and Tidy the towels

It is with much excitiement that I introduce the

“My Pigeon Pair” Organising Challenge!

 Towards the end of last year, I decided that this year, would be the year we created a HOME.  We have a beautiful house but it is lacking warmth, decor and ORGANISATION!  So I set myself a challenge.  Room by room, month by month I WILL MAKE OUR HOUSE A HOME.  

Unfortunatly even the best laid plans get sidetracked and it is practically the end of January and not much progress has been made!  But now with such overwhelming support of the “My Pigeon Pair” flock it is time to start!  It was so nice to know (via our Facebook Page) how many other poeple are hoping to organise their lives too! We are all in this together! So here it is……

The Challenge for January –

“Straighten the Sheets and Tidy the Towels”  

This challenge is completely personal!  You take it on to whatever degree you want!  A little tidy up or a whole cull, organise and style!  Think about…..

  • The Linen Cupboard
  • Tablecloths and Placemats
  • Bath and Beach Towels
  • Tea Towels
  • Sheets
So like all challenges and projects I have taken on it’s all about the steps.  You can’t do it all at once. So……
STEP 1. Identify.  What needs to be changed?  Are one of these areas bugging you? Identify what you are going to tackle.  Now take a before pic to use as motivation!  Even better take a pic and post it on the “My Pigeon Pair” Facebook Page.  There is nothing like putting it all out there for everyone to see to make sure you start the job AND finish it!  
To ensure you get the job done you need to set a time limit.  So Step 1 needs to be done by Saturday.  That’s right two days to start the process!  Schedule some time in your diary for the weekend to start on the hard part! 
STEP 2. ……Well I can’t tell you all the steps now or that would spoil the fun (and overwhelm you!)  That part will be here on Saturday!
So will you join me on this room by room journey?