Lovely Kids Craft for Valentine’s Day!

 Regardless of if you celebrate Valentines day or not, these heart filled craft ideas make great presents any time of year!  Fill your home with some lovely hand made decor or spread some love to those around you with a heartfelt crafty gift.  

So simple but super effective!  Paper hearts threaded together with cut up straws!  If you pre cut or pre paper punched the hearts even a toddler could do this activity!

What a cute, cheap and easy Valentines gift idea!  I have noticed quite a few “love heart” shaped bubbles at newagencies and spotlight! (usually for weddings!)

This one is a definite!!!  A little chubby arm and hand holding a bunch of hearts!  This is one for a canvas to display in the playroom!

I am thinking oil and water marbling on some tissue paper?  Or even candle wax resist with light pink paint?  The key is in the grouping of all the hearts together! Love it!

Two hands making one heart.  Sure makes your heart melt!  Add some sentimental words around the outside and create a gorgeous heartfelt keepsake!

The same concept but this time with some little fingerprints!

Another all ages craft!  Simply scurnh pieces of tissue paper or even cellophane and stick onto a heart template.  Add a ribbon and you have this truly gorgeous decoration.

Use a large hollow heart template.  Cover with clear contact and “stick” on smaller hearts, coloured paper, sequins, cellophane, the possibilities are endless!

All of these ideas would be great at any time of the year, especially Mothers Day! What a hnads on and heart felt way to spread a little love!

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