Meal Planning Monday

I have said it before, but I will say it again…..meal planning has saved our life!  We are saving time, money, frustration, disorganisation and the forever 5pm question of what are we having for dinner?

With that said… is the weeks meal plan!

If that sounds good to you…feel free to download and print it HERE!

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Menu Plan Monday….The “in the box” edition!

This week is a crazily busy week for me!  Report Card writing, Kindy dress up day, an extra day of work at school, so I am taking the easy way out! This week I am using as many “box” meals as I can!  My theory is….Sunday prepare all the fillings, cheese, carrot, lettuce, tomato, capsicum, onion, cucumber and salsa.  Then each day just serve the dinner according to the instructions on the box!  It is just so easy to vary these recipes for little ones as well!  Most of these recipes require sour cream or yoghurt and by using similar recipes over the week none of these ingredients go to waste!

Monday – Lamb Wraps – ALDI Box. – $3.99

These are delicious and a family favourite.  We serve the kids meal with rice on the side and some yummy carrot sticks to dip in tzatziki sauce! Of for something different use the boxes contents to create some yummy lamb skewers and serve them like the image above!

Tuesday – Beef Tacos – ALDI Box – $3.99

The kids love using the taco shells to scoop up the mince! This is a messy one so be prepared.

Wednesday – Chicken Burritos – ALDI Box – $3.99

I steam some broccoli and green beans and serve the chicken with rice and vegies for the kids!  

Thursday – Beef Fajitas – Woolworths – $4.99

Using up the last of the sour cream for this one!  This has aways been a family favourite! 

Friday – Fast Food Friday!!!  Taking this one from Mummy Smiles!!!

These meals are cheap, quick and easy.  They all use similar ingredients which really helped our grocery budget as we weren’t buying a hundred different ingredients for each weekly meal.  Most importantly they are all so easy to adapt to feed the kids, its all about simplicity at our place!

So do you eat meals “out of the box”?

All images taken from our favourite food website

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What’s for Dinner? ~ Menu Plan Monday ~ The Healthy Eating Edition

Well it’s that time of year.  You know the time when the winter wrdrobe is packed away and the bikinis come out.  Well maybe not bikinis, but the clothes that show off the pasty legs and tuckshop lady arms will be back with a vengance.  So it’s time to put away the slow cooker and start the healthy summer eating.

Monday ~ Cumin Chicken with Brown Rice Salad.

This is simply chicken breast strips seasoned slightly with cumin, salt, paprika and pepper.  Toss through the deilicious brown rice salad with coriander, capsicum, lime and green beans.  Yummmm!

Tuesday ~ Lamb with tzatziki dipping sauce served with cucumber, fetta and tomato salad.  Find a great Tzatziki recipe HERE 

I make my own dipping sauce with greek natural youghurt and garlic paste.   Squeeze some lemon on the lamb as it is cooking!  Serve with a chopped cucumber, tomato and fetta salad.  This also makes great lunch leftovers!  Master O loved the tzatziki sauce so much we convinced him to eat tomato, cucumber and lettuce if he dipped the vegetables in the sauce!

Wednesday ~ Meditteranean Vegetable Skewers.

Simply  slice eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, red and green capsicum into cubes and place on presoaked skewers.  Cook on the BBQ.  Serve on top of salad for the adults and rice for the kids.

Thursday ~ Balsamic Beef with Greens. Find the recipe HERE 

Friday ~ Home Made Fish and Chips

You can still enjoy some guilty pleasures without feeling guilty.  Skip the deep fryer and oven bake some home made potato chips!  Steam your fish with some lemon, not butter and serve with a fresh green salad with a light dressing instead of creamy tartare sauce!

It is all good in theory I just need to avoid the temptation to dish up some delicious creamy pasta when I’m hungry!  Wish me luck!

The Organised Housewife

All images taken from my favourite recipe site


What’s for dinner? Meal Plan Monday ~ The Favourite’s Edition

This is one of the most downloaded Meal Plans on My Pigeon Pair, direct from the Archives! My excuse, look around your screen!  Between being away for the last four days and getting the new look “My Pigeon Pair” organised we have been very busy!!!!! So here it is my top tips for Meal Planning and this weeks meal plan with a FREE PRINTABLE!

Meal Planning works for us.  In fact it is the best organising system we have started in our house.  These are my top tips for meal planning in your household.
1. 7 Days of Creation.  
For us it is a strictly 7 day plan.  I can’t think that far ahead and grocery shopping with two children in tow means that a weeks worth of groceries already takes us two hours!

2. Don’t just think dinners.  
I try and plan it so that Wednesday’s and Thursday’s dinner meals are left over worthy so that I can take them for lunch the following day.  This has meant we are saving a further $10-15 a week on lunches!

3.  Kids Menu. 
 I try to plan meals that are easy for children to eat or can easily be altered, it saves cooking two different dinners!

4.  Make it Mondays.  
Our grocery store pamphlets arrive Sunday’s.  They are loaded with specials that inspire many ideas and they often have recipes and meal suggestions inside!  Our woolworths has it’s specials starting on a Monday.

5.  Shop around.  
Ok so it is not as convenient BUT…we have Aldi, Woolworths and a Dollar Store at our local shopping centre.  After a month of shopping I know which products are cheaper at each store! I generally start at Aldi, then Woolworths.  I can’t rave about Aldi enough especially after this week they announced they will be removing all products with artificial colours from the shelves!

We have developed a Monthly Plan for household shopping.  
We had developed a horrible cycle of everything running out at once! 
Toilet paper, cleaning products, toiletries it would be a huge budget blowout, we would stock up again to face a month later that everything had run out at the same time…AGAIN!  so…..
added to our meal plan we have
Weekly Items – 
Milk, Bread, Eggs, Margarine, Juice etc

Monthly Items –
Week 1 – Toiletries – Toilet Paper, Shampoo & Conditioner, Soap, Baby Bath, Tissues etc
Week 2 – Cleaning – Dishwashing liquid and tablets, Spray and Wipe,
Week 3 – Household – Washing powder, batteries, lightbulbs, fly spray, Stationery,
Week 4 – Kitchen – Glad Wrap, Paper Towel, Serviettes, Alfoil, Snap lock bags, Sugar, Flour etc

I can not stress how well this system has worked for us!  We buy fairly large quantities of each (which also saves money) and it lasts a whole month!  
So What’s For Dinner at our house this week?
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