8 Perfect Paint Recipes from Pinterest

There are some VERY clever Mums out there on the Interwebz.  Unlike me who has been a teacher for a long time and a mum, they have manage to fine tune the most amazing “Homemade Paint” recipes!   




This one comes from Kidspot. It is perfect for using on the driveway, footpath, concrete or pavers. The paint is an unusual fizzy consistency that the kids go crazy over! It is easy to wash off and can be made with things you probably already have in your cupboard!



Who wouldn’t love glow in the dark paint! If you are looking for ANY kids craft ideas, Growing a Jeweled Rose is the blog to go to! You can buy flurescent paint but glow in the dark paint works best for this. Besides the glowing ingredient everything else you will be able to find right at home.


Source: kiboomu.com via Larissa on Pinterest




Years ago I bought some ice cube trays from ikea that were a long cylinder shape. They were intended to be able to be used to stir your drink with the ice cube, but i have found a different use… Bath Crayons! We LOVED bath crayons but unfortunately the black and blue got into the grout and has stayed their ever since. These are easily made, much cheaper and cleaner too.




I LOVE THIS PAINT. It is a staple in our paint collection as it is so easy to make and use. A tip is to use it on cardboard or buy some art paper books that have a thicker cartridge paper in them. We bought squeeze bottles from Riot Art and Craft but sauce bottles from your local discount store work just as well.



When I say edible, it really mean non toxic. This recipe uses items from the kitchen cupboard, so although not tasty it is totally safe for accidental finger suckers. Finger painting is brilliant for fine motor strengthening and I have to say, besides the mess, I find something soothing about finger painting. Finger paint on some plastic sheeting (available by the metre at Spotlight) and then “print” their creation onto a piece of paper by laying it on top!



I haven’t attempted this one yet as I am still trying to figure out what corn syrup would be equivalent to here in Australia. We love watercolour paints mainly for the easy clean up factor. They dont stain, last forever, and give the most beautiful effect especially over the top of a drawing.


Source: havingfunathomeblog.blogspot.com via Larissa on Pinterest

This is the first paint recipe I ever made! It was such a favourite with my Preschool class it saw many reincarnations. Green St Patricks Day paint, Red Christmas paint….the list goes on. Once again I love this recipe for it ease of creation and clean up. The kids go ga ga over this. It feels so nice in their little hands! Best bit is you can even play with it in the bath. The main ingredient is shaving cream. The cheaper the better I say. Just make sure you buy Shaving CREAM, not shaving GEL. Yes I am speaking from experience!



This one is not for the littlies. Chalkboard paint can get quite expensive but not if you make it yourself. All the ingredients for this recipe can be found at the local hardware store. This is great for reusing and repurposing household items or would be great for mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift making at school. Or even for some decorating projects around the house!

You can find all of the original links underneath each image. These blogs are ALL AMAZING! So what paint are you keen to try first? Have a recipe to share?

10 Ways With Washi Tape


 I must admit I am late to the Washi Tape Party.  I watched on as blogger after blogger fell in love with the stuff and found a million different ways to use it.  But I sat by and put it in the too complicated basket.  Would it come off if I didn’t like it?  What would I use it for?  I am not only often creatively challenged but I am also impulsive and impatient and seriously easily addicted to things.  I am afraid my friends Washi Tape is no different.

So let’s start with the obvious…..

What is Washi Tape?

 Washi Tape is a little like masking tape.  It is easily applied and removed and can also be ripped instead of cut.  But inlike masking Tape it is BEAUTIFUL!  It comes in an amazing array of colours and patterns.

What can I use Washi Tape for?

How long is a piece of tape?  You can use it for a million different things but I will start with 10!!!


Organising Cups at a Party! Can’t remember whose cup belongs to who? How about some washi tape to help identify the owner! Or use some colour coordinating tape to help decorate some simple plastic cups for the next children’s Birthday party!


Reuse any can or jar by decorating it with washi tape. Great for pencils, utensils even cutlery. Cheap and beautiful.


Washi tape is so easy to remove it is great for decorating walls. This is such a clever way to frame artwork in a childrens bedroom or play space.


A basic photo frame can be colour co-ordinated and personalised to suit any decor with some Washi Tape!


OK so this would be time consuming, but oh how creative AND effective! A Washi Tape Keyboard!

Source: google.com via Larissa on Pinterest


Washi Tape adds interest and colour to these simple glass jars. Group them together, add candles or flowers and you have a gorgeous table centrepiece.


A simple wood or cardboard letter, covered in washi tape and attached to a frame makes a great piece of monogram artwork. This would make a great present!


You know how much I love colour coding my calendar and planner! Next year I am going to use wash tape instead of pens! Assign a different colour for each family member or for each different activity.


How cute is this! I am thinking cake top decoration, children’s bedrooms or seasonal table decorations!

and my very first project with washi tape was inspired by this one!


Washi Tape on bulldog clips! I have used them to help colour code my filing system!


Where can I buy Washi Tape?

Well you, the readers told me that one, you put me onto… 


They had an amazing range, great prices and quick delivery!  Even better, they had a whole other range of goodies including the cutest stationary and gorgeous  organising bits and pieces, perfect for my new home office!

Just some of my new collection!

So what have you used Washi Tape for? 

D.I.Y – Tile Coaster Tutorial

 The Winter wind has left our outdoor area dull and drab.  We spend a lot of time sitting, playing, eating and just being in this area and it is one of my favourite spots.  So as   Spring approaches I would love to give this area a little TLC in the form of some sunshiney yellow redecorating!  

The first project for the outdoor area was to get crafting and make some….

DIY Tile Coasters

This is one of those projects I have been eyeing off on Pinterest forever (ok maybe a while) But alas most of the projects I lust over on Pinterest involve “Mod Podge” which appeared to be an “American” product.  One day browsing the aisles of my local spotlight, less than 3 minutes away,  I discovered  they had the illustrious “Mod Podge” IN STOCK!  Needless to say I grabbed that baby and ran home to create a long list of Mod Podge DIY projects I could now complete!!!

What you will need:

  • 100×100 White Tiles (these were 30c each at bunnings)
  • “Mod Podge” – Spotlight
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Clear Waterproofing Varnish
  • Self Adhesive Felt (or Felt and a hot glue gun) – I bought mine from Bunnings
  • Foam Brush – Check out the Dollar Stores.
1. Trace around the tile on the scrapbooking paper and cut.
2. Apply Mod Podge over the tile using the foam brush.
3. Place the scrapbooking paper square onto the tile.  Act quickly!  You only have a few seconds to get it straight before the mod Podge “glues” it into place! Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes.
4.  Apply a layer of “Mod Podge” on top of the tile.  Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes.  Repeat 3-4 times.  
5.  Spray an even coat of varnish over the tile.  Allow to dry. Repeat 2-3 Times. This will waterproof your tile and make it safe to place your cool drink on! 

6. Turn the tile over and stick the felt circles on to the corners of the tiles.  This will stop your new coaster scratching or slipping on your furniture.
7. I left mine to REALLY DRY for a few days before…..pouring myself a cold drink and enjoying my new sunshiney yellow COASTERS!


The Perfect Play Picks.

 As we continue work on our “Project Playroom” it got me thinking…..what are the perfect play items?  You know the tried and true items that outlast the latest Disney fad and encourage your child to play and learn?  Here is what I came up with….

Hand Puppets $34.95 ~ Lime Tree Kids

Puppet Play:  Finger puppets, hand puppets, sock puppets, any puppets help encourage language, role play, social skills and story telling!  It is a great way to introduce to your child the concept of story, without using books.  Puppets have also long been used in counselling sessions as children work through problems through role play or discussing problems with a non threatening and fun puppet!

Chic Greengrocer Set $59.95 ~ Lime Tree Kids

Teach your child counting, measuring and social language by playing shops!  This is by far the best “shopping” set I have seen as it includes scales!  Playing shops introduces so many valuable topic specific vocabulary terms like, heavy, light, more, less, dollars, cents, change, cost and of course please and thank you!  By buying a set without the sounds and lights it encourages your child to imagine and explore on their own without the aid of some batteries!

Chic Breakfast Set $69.95 ~ Lime Tree Kids

Time for Tea: Oh I am in love with this breakfast set!  Why?  I love that it is not only made of wood but gender neutral!  I have long been searching for a tea set that was not pink or flowery, so it could be used by “My Pigeon Pair.” Role playing tea parties is a great way to build on a child’s social skill teaching them to take turns, share, use their manners and to not always be the boss!

Tampominos Letters $19.95 ~ Lime Tree Kids

I have to admit I have been lving under a rock when it comes to “Tamponimos”  As soon as I mentioned them to a group of school Mums I seemed to be the only one who hadn’t heard of them before!  Tamponimos come in letters or numbers and are a great hands on and visual way of teaching the foundation numeracy and literacy skills.  The letter ones could be used to experiment with letters, name writing, sight words and word building!

Craft Turntable $29.95 ~ Lime Tree Kids

 Ok so this one is not for them but for Mum!  Looking for a clever way to store and organise al those drawing utensils?  This turntable does that AND allows all children to turn the console to reach what they need!

So what are your tried and true play items that also encourage learning?

All these items are available from our long time supporter and sponsor Shelley at

Lime Tree Kids.

Lovely Kids Craft for Valentine’s Day!

 Regardless of if you celebrate Valentines day or not, these heart filled craft ideas make great presents any time of year!  Fill your home with some lovely hand made decor or spread some love to those around you with a heartfelt crafty gift.  

So simple but super effective!  Paper hearts threaded together with cut up straws!  If you pre cut or pre paper punched the hearts even a toddler could do this activity!

What a cute, cheap and easy Valentines gift idea!  I have noticed quite a few “love heart” shaped bubbles at newagencies and spotlight! (usually for weddings!)

This one is a definite!!!  A little chubby arm and hand holding a bunch of hearts!  This is one for a canvas to display in the playroom!

I am thinking oil and water marbling on some tissue paper?  Or even candle wax resist with light pink paint?  The key is in the grouping of all the hearts together! Love it!

Two hands making one heart.  Sure makes your heart melt!  Add some sentimental words around the outside and create a gorgeous heartfelt keepsake!

The same concept but this time with some little fingerprints!

Another all ages craft!  Simply scurnh pieces of tissue paper or even cellophane and stick onto a heart template.  Add a ribbon and you have this truly gorgeous decoration.

Use a large hollow heart template.  Cover with clear contact and “stick” on smaller hearts, coloured paper, sequins, cellophane, the possibilities are endless!

All of these ideas would be great at any time of the year, especially Mothers Day! What a hnads on and heart felt way to spread a little love!

For these and many more ideas check out my PINTEREST board.

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Ten Top Teacher Gifts This Christmas

I only have one week of work left!  Luckily Master O has two weeks of Kindy left so I have a bit of time up my sleeve to get started on a gift for his wonderful KIndy teachers!  There is nothing like receiving a handmade gift from a student as you know how much thought and love has gone into it!   

Most of these gifts are simple, some are personalised and all of them are ideas you can make at home with your child!  A gift for that hardworking teacher so they  know just how much they are appreciated!  

For all the details on these ideas and to see where all this celverness came from check out my Pinterest board.

Or check out this post on TEACHER GIFTS


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Christmas Craft for Kids….Easy Ideas To Make at Home

 There are only 5 weeks left of the school year!  You know what that means?  It’s time to get out the glitter, paimt and crepe paper and emmerse your children in Christmas Craft!  Unfortunately it is alays this time of year that the clasroom budget starts to run dry so I have found some 5 year old friendly, cheap and creative ideas you can make at home!  


Hand me a Santa. Take some card and paint and a cute little handprint!  What a great memento of their 2011 Christmas.  If you want to turn it into a keepsake why not put it on a canvas!


Wrap a Wreath. This is an effective and easy family or class project!  Just use a wire coathanger, bend it into a wreath shape and then tie hundreds of ribbons on to it!  A handmade wreath!


Paper Roll Puppets. Got some toilet rolls and craft scraps!  How cute are these little guys!  They would make a wonderful puppet show!  These are obviously made by an adult but with a little help your child could make their very own christmas puppet!

Santa Sticks. I have these sticks!!!  I bought them at a 2 dollar store a while ago waiting to see what I would do with them!  You could use felt, paint, material scraps anything you can scrape together!  Add some ribbon to the top and hang them from the tree!


Countdown Claus. Is it chirtsmas yet?  How many more sleeps?  I will definitley be doing this clever idea!  LOVE it!  Just add a new cotton wall ball to santas beard every day!  I am going to send home this one to the students in my class.  Once school finishes they will still have more than 20 days to count down until Christmas!  Hopefully this helps pass the time!

My favourite….


Footprint Christmas Tree. How cute!  A perfect memento of how big they were!  You could put it on paper and lmainate it, turn it into a christmas card for family, or print onto a canvas and hang it up each christmas!  This is a double winner for me!  Great for my class and great for my own children!

So do you have a favourite Christmas Craft?

Ooh, that's Pinterest...ing!