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Chocolate Reindeer Crackles!

I was running out of Christmas snack ideas!  Every year come November the endless run of Christmas concerts, picnincs and parties begin!  with the words “Bring a Plate” written accross most invitations, I was beginning to run out of Christmas food ideas!  This little guy was a creation for the Kindy Christmas Picnic.  Something chocolatey, delicious, easy to make and fun!

Combine 4 cups rice bubbles, 2 tablespoons cocoa, icing sugar and 250g melted copha in a bowl and stir until throurughly mixed!  I leave the coconut (that is usually in the recipe) out!

Spoon into patty cake papers.  Push two pretzels into the top as reindeer antlers.

Add some “MnM” or “Smartie” eyes and nose! Refrigerate and then EAT!

These were as delicious as they were cute and oh so easy!  You could make this one or two days ahead of time and refrigerate but any longer and the “MnM’s” start to loose colour!

So what is your favourite Christmas Treat Recipe?

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