Busy Bags

School is back and that means “Tot School” is in session.  This year our “Tot School” is going to look VERY different as Little Miss A now attends Kindergarden 2-3 days a week! We are also gradually progressing away from … Continue reading

Best Books for 7 – 12 Year Olds

By now you will know that I am passionate about the joys and benefits of children reading.  Every Day, Every Where, Every Thing.   Christmas is the perfect opportunity to stock up on books for the year ahead.  For me growing up … Continue reading

8 Perfect Paint Recipes from Pinterest

There are some VERY clever Mums out there on the Interwebz.  Unlike me who has been a teacher for a long time and a mum, they have manage to fine tune the most amazing “Homemade Paint” recipes!      FIZZY … Continue reading

Easter Activity – Lacing/Threading

Ok Tot School peeps, here it is an “Eater – Bunny Lacing” card.   Lacing (or threading) encourages pincer grip, finger control and hand eye coordination, all of which are essential pre-school and school skills.   There are many ways … Continue reading

Easter Activities – Size Sequencing

The next activity in our Easter “Tot School” is sequencing according to size.  Although size is generally a maths concept, sequencing itself is a cross curricular skill required in Maths, English, Science and History.  When you are teaching this activity … Continue reading

Easter Activities – Patterning

An often over looked, but perhaps one of the most important “educational” skills children acquire is patterning. Learning how to recognise, create and extend patterns is not only an integral maths skill but helps your child acquire language, process words … Continue reading

Easter Activities – Cute Chick Counting

Over the coming weeks our “Tot School” will have an Easter theme.   The first activity I have created is a “Cute Chick Counting”    My Pigeon Pair – Cute Chick Counting Simply Download Print Cut each card Laminate and … Continue reading

TOT SCHOOL: Lesson 2 – Letters and Numbers

So how did you go with Tot school lesson 1?  Today it is all about learning the difference between letters and numbers.  This lesson will require some assistance for children under 3 and a little prctice for older children but … Continue reading


Welcome to Tot School.  Each week I hope to provide you with some lesson inspiration! The popularity of Tot School has kind of hit me by surprise and yesterday we spent the morning at the beach and afternoon at Zumba … Continue reading

How to Start Your Own “Tot School”

Let’s start at the very beginning…..because it’s a very good place to start. Well actually to easily explain what “Tot School” is we need to start from the end and work backwards!  The end being when you hand your child … Continue reading

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