Busy Bags

School is back and that means “Tot School” is in session.  This year our “Tot School” is going to look VERY different as Little Miss A now attends Kindergarden 2-3 days a week! We are also gradually progressing away from … Continue reading

Creating a Morning Routine

Our mornings are BUSY!  Thank goodness we are early risers as we have so much to get done before we leave for school in the morning!  Add to that, the fact that we will have two children, at two different … Continue reading

100 Kids Healthy Lunch Ideas

Ever feel like after a few weeks into the school year, suddenly your enthusiasm for making lunches wanes?  I start off, full of good intentions and enthusiasm and after a week or two I am back to vegemite sandwiches and … Continue reading

I’m PREGNANT – Week 25

In the busyness of the festive season I must admit there are days that I forget that I am pregnant!  I always wish I had of chronicled my previous pregnancies a bit better and this blog is the perfect place … Continue reading

Preparing Your Child For School – What is Kindy?

This weekend Little Miss A attended Kindy orientation!  KINDY!  So some background What is Kindergarten?  1. In Australia we have a “NATIONAL Curriculum” yet we still don’t all use the same language when it comes to the names of school … Continue reading

The Catch Up

School holidays have not only resulted in an unusually chaotic house but a very quiet blog.  Our days have been filled with play dates, beach visits, the movies and quite frankly a whole lot of just staying home.  After the … Continue reading

Baby Talk

Now that we got the big anouncment out of the way….let’s talk baby! We announced our news to our family at 9 weeks!  We wouldn’t normally wait that long but this time (for the first time!) we had the opportunity … Continue reading

Goodbye “My Pigeon Pair”

As you may have noticed this little blog is currently going through one big transformation.  ”My Pigeon Pair” just wasn’t the right name for it anymore…..because WE ARE HAVING A BABY! Our “Pigeon Pair” are going to welcome a new … Continue reading

Sleeping Like A Baby

I have never been blessed with great sleepers.  I have counted how many hours of sleep I will get before I go to bed, I have dreaded night fall as I know what is to come and I have played … Continue reading

The Fairy Door

Fairy doors are what childhood dreams are made of.   A doorway into a magical world of wishes and dreams only created with childhood imagination.  I have been longing for our own fairy door and when Master O lost his … Continue reading

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