The Sip and Snack Station – Revisited

Their is a thief amongst us. Lately things have been going missing. Biscuits, chips, red frogs, chocolates. At first I blamed “Domesticated Dad” thinking he was overindulging on midnight snacks. But it was not…… It was “My Pigeon Pair” The … Continue reading

A Peek At Our Week – Weekly Schedule for Kids

Between the activities that happen each day at school (music, sport, library) and the extra curricular activities that our children participate in during the year, our schedule is CRAZY!  Last year I had Master O constantly asking me Is today … Continue reading

Creating a Morning Routine

Our mornings are BUSY!  Thank goodness we are early risers as we have so much to get done before we leave for school in the morning!  Add to that, the fact that we will have two children, at two different … Continue reading

Back To School: Buying Name Labels

 It’s no secret that I love to label.  I have dedicated much of my life to ensuring everything and every place in our home is labelled!  Labels ensure items find their way home.  This is never more true than all … Continue reading

Creating a School Storage Station – Part 1

I must admit this is not my first School Station.  Master O is about to start his third year at school!  Please don’t ask how that makes me feel!  Our first station looked like this.   This area was set … Continue reading

The Family Launch Pad

We finally finished off our Launch Pad!  Just in time for school to go back!    As you can see we used what we had  A 2 x 4 IKEA Expedit Unit The Bird Fruit Bowl (on the top) – … Continue reading

Meal Plan and Shopping List Template

Although the house is a bustle with Christmas elves and activities, normal life must continue! That includes doing the grocery shopping!  I did say many months ago I would share my new meal plan and shopping list template so here … Continue reading

Creating a Stockpile – Preparing for a Baby

There was a time long, long ago, in a life now so unfamiliar, when we lived with two comfortable full time incomes.  Oh how I miss those days and at the same time wonder what on Earth we did with … Continue reading

The School File It Folder

Before the new school year has even begun, my house is rapidly filling with 2014 paperwork! With a child starting Kindy for the first time we have a mountain of lists, notes and forms that all need coralling and controlling. … Continue reading

Cleaning Schedules – Living and Dining

 Yesterday I shared this picture on Instagram.    It is of our Weekly Cleaning Schedule.  Due to bad health, we haven’t used it for a while. Our house and us as a family have been just surviving o and if … Continue reading

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