A Sparkly Festive Season with Riccadonna

As the school year drew to a close and the festive season was nipping at our heals, my friends and I decided we desperately needed to get together to celebrate and debrief, the year that was 2012.  That is one … Continue reading

Day 5 ~ Marshmallow Magic ~ My Christmas Elf Cooking

Soft and Sugary and Sweet the Elf is ready to play a little Marshmallow Magic!  Little Marshmallows make a perfect sugary bubble bath for your elf!  This series is not just about learning but about fun too!  So time to … Continue reading

Chocolate Reindeer Crackles!

I was running out of Christmas snack ideas!  Every year come November the endless run of Christmas concerts, picnincs and parties begin!  with the words “Bring a Plate” written accross most invitations, I was beginning to run out of Christmas … Continue reading

Menu Plan Monday ~ The Asian Edition

We are huge fans of recipes coming from Asia.  Hubby (who does most the cooking in our house) lists Luke Nguyen as his favourite chef.   Maybe it was our honeymoon in Malaysia and Thailand or maybe it’s just that … Continue reading

Menu Plan Monday ~ The Fussy Eater’s Edition

“My Pigeon Pair” seem to be taking it in turns to play the role of the “Fussy Eater” in our household.  Just when one starts eating a variety of foods, the other returns to the macaroni and cream cheese diet. … Continue reading

Recipe of the week ~ Tiramisu ~ The Cheat’s Version

This is not your “authentic” tiramisu recipe. Tiramisu traditionally has Marsala (alchohol) Strong Coffee and Raw eggs. But to make it a bit more family and pregnant women friendly here is a cheats version! These are not mine but don’t … Continue reading

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