100 Kids Healthy Lunch Ideas

Ever feel like after a few weeks into the school year, suddenly your enthusiasm for making lunches wanes?  I start off, full of good intentions and enthusiasm and after a week or two I am back to vegemite sandwiches and … Continue reading

Delicious Bento Lunch Ideas

 Let it be known, I am the mother of THE PICKIEST EATER.  Little Miss A started out well and as a baby would eat anything that came her way, but somewhere after the age of 18 months we found our … Continue reading

Planning School Lunches

  When Master O started Kindy, we became all kinds of desperate to develop a plan of attack for lunch boxes.  I suddenly felt overwhelmed by the restrictions of what he was allowed to take, what he would actually eat … Continue reading

TOP “My Pigeon Pair” Organising Projects – VOTE NOW!

If I could turn back time…..I would have accomplished all these organising projects years ago!  I know which ones have been the most time consuming, the most life changing and the most painful but I want to know what you … Continue reading

Lunchbox Plans

We are only on Week Two of lunches and I am already running out of ideas!  Especially when it comes to calcium!  I would love your suggestions for calcium filled lunch box ideas that are not yoghurt!!! Here is this … Continue reading

Lunch Box Love

 Due to popular demand (I have always wanted to write that!) here are the download links for the lunchbox plans!   The first link is for a blank lunch box plan.  It includes the four columns to help you create … Continue reading

School Lunches. The Good, The Bad and The Plan!

It feels like I am always on the hunt for something!  This weekend I was swooping on some clever Bento lunch ideas.  Boy did I find a treasure trove of ideas!  Amongst them was a guide as to what consists … Continue reading

Bringing Back The Bento

No glad wrap, nut free, packaging free, no junk food.  The Kindy Lunch box rules were strict and enforced, with this naughty Mummy getting a note sent home in the first week of Kindy for not following the rules (I … Continue reading

Menu Plan Monday – The Lunchbox Edition and GIVEAWAY

 This is the last school term before Master O officially starts “School”!!!  I have a lifetime of preparing lunchboxes ahead of me, so I better start getting used to it.  This week a little lunch box helper arrived in my … Continue reading

Spread the love ~ Lunchbox notes

It may not be Valentine’s Day butyou don’t need to wait for a special occasion to start spreading some love! How about a cute lunchbox note in your child’s lunch box today! It may be a simple smiley face on a … Continue reading

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