100 Kids Healthy Lunch Ideas

Ever feel like after a few weeks into the school year, suddenly your enthusiasm for making lunches wanes?  I start off, full of good intentions and enthusiasm and after a week or two I am back to vegemite sandwiches and … Continue reading

Delicious Bento Lunch Ideas

 Let it be known, I am the mother of THE PICKIEST EATER.  Little Miss A started out well and as a baby would eat anything that came her way, but somewhere after the age of 18 months we found our … Continue reading

Meal Plan and Shopping List Template

Although the house is a bustle with Christmas elves and activities, normal life must continue! That includes doing the grocery shopping!  I did say many months ago I would share my new meal plan and shopping list template so here … Continue reading

Planning School Lunches

  When Master O started Kindy, we became all kinds of desperate to develop a plan of attack for lunch boxes.  I suddenly felt overwhelmed by the restrictions of what he was allowed to take, what he would actually eat … Continue reading

A Sparkly Festive Season with Riccadonna

As the school year drew to a close and the festive season was nipping at our heals, my friends and I decided we desperately needed to get together to celebrate and debrief, the year that was 2012.  That is one … Continue reading

Day 5 ~ Marshmallow Magic ~ My Christmas Elf Cooking

Soft and Sugary and Sweet the Elf is ready to play a little Marshmallow Magic!  Little Marshmallows make a perfect sugary bubble bath for your elf!  This series is not just about learning but about fun too!  So time to … Continue reading

Attacking the Grocery Shopping!

It could be the wonky shopping trolley, the temper tantrum throwing children or the ridiculous price of groceries, there is a lot to loathe about grocery shopping.  But I am afraid I am one of those weird people that actually … Continue reading

TOP “My Pigeon Pair” Organising Projects – VOTE NOW!

If I could turn back time…..I would have accomplished all these organising projects years ago!  I know which ones have been the most time consuming, the most life changing and the most painful but I want to know what you … Continue reading

Meal Planning Menu Boards!

We LOVE meal planning!  It saves us time, money and our sanity!  Our current meal planning system is working BUT it could always be better!  We have the concept down pat, but I need a better way of rotating meals … Continue reading

Meal Planning Monday

I have said it before, but I will say it again…..meal planning has saved our life!  We are saving time, money, frustration, disorganisation and the forever 5pm question of what are we having for dinner? With that said… is the … Continue reading

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