School Bag Storage and Organisation

Last night on Facebook I pleaded with the flock for HELP! I have had many plans for School Bag Storage but none of them have “felt” right. Problem is DONE is better than PERFECT! I need something, before I trip over another school bag!

So here is where we were in JANUARY! Yep and that is still where we are AT!!!!


I must admit this is not my first “School Station”. Master O is about to start his third year at school! Please don’t ask how that makes me feel!

Our first station looked like this.

This area was set up especially for Prep – Grade 1.

Here is how the room looked as a whole.

and in that space that was supposed to be a clipboard station is now a giant pile of school/library/sheet/sport/swimming bags.

The drawers worked brilliantly, although his bag was a bit squashed in that bottom drawer I absolutely loved having those two top drawers for homework folders, library bags and everything that came along with going to school!

I also loved the Basket on top for our School File It Folder and storing notes.


But then…..once he got to Grade 1, the homework increased, and once he changed schools, it increased again. This area was simply too distracting for homework. It also meant I had three sets of stationery areas. One in the playroom, one in this area and one in the study for myself. So we moved Master O into my study. We set up his desk and noticeboard and stationery across from me in the study. In general though come homeowrk time we all sit at my desk together! I have a huge L shaped desk and three chairs. Little Miss A sits across from me and does some phonics practice, drawing, cutting or experimental writing. Master O sits next to me so I can talk him through what he is doing. He is a very self sufficient and independent learner but I love to know what he is learning at school and the best way to do this and to be involved in homework. The big desk is also great for doing projects (which seem to take up so much room and get bigger each fortnight!)

I digress! So those handy drawers moved into the study and I took them over as my own as my desk has no drawers in it. So we went through the last part of last year with a great space for homework but no specific place for storing school stuff.

and that my friend is where we are at!

What do I need this space to do?

Contain School Items
Be easily accessible and at a childs height but alos be neat and tidy
Be flexible in its arrangement for different children’s needs
1. So what do I need our School Station to contain;

  • School Bags x 2
  • School Hats x 2
  • Homework/message Folders and Planners
  • Library Bags x 2
  • School File It Folder x 2
  • Artwork Folder (Miss A)
  • Sheet Bag (Miss A)
  • Sports Bag (Master O)
  • Individual timetables/schedule

After careful thought I don’t want it to contain school shoes. School shoes and especially Kindy shoes have a habit of coming home full of sand. So they can stay in the garage!

How do I want to contain it so its neat and tidy, flexible and easily accessible?

I think I need a combination of baskets, shelves, drawers and hooks.
I dont want to hang the school bags. We have had bad luck with hooks in this house and I dont want any more damage to my walls.
I also want the end solution to be flexible. I am still thinking about moving this station to the study so whatever I use I want to be able to relocate it easily. As they get older they can also then move it to their own bedroom.
It has to be able to be configured in different ways for different children. Because my children are quite spaced apart in age (3+years and 4+Years) they are always going to have very different school needs. By the time Baby #3 starts school Master O will be starting High School!

So I think each child needs their own station. Master O’s will need to be able to hold sports equipment and Little Miss A’s, a sheet bag for Kindy.
It can’t be too tall. Little Miss A needs to be able to open and close everything herself.
After writing all this I am automatically thinking of my old friends IKEA Expedit and Trofast. The fact that the Trofast has both drawers and shelves and comes in a variety of heights has me thinking it may be the answer! Although the frames are both a similar price, it is much cheaper to buy the Trofast drawers and shelves (around $5) than buying baskets or drawers for an Expedit (between $10-20).

What will work in the space?

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 4.59.37 PM

So this is where I am thinking. It is where everything else organisational is located and would make the space feel complete. I do worry as this space is at the opposite end of the house to the garage (where we enter the house) and the study (where we do homework). But for now I think its worth a try! It is a tall and skinny place so those STUVA Drawers won’t work.

So let’s get planning!!!!

I am such a visual person that I had to literally piece it all together in pictures.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 4.43.39 PM

I am off to IKEA today to check out a few different ideas including this one!!!

What Do You Think???




Creating a Morning Routine

Our mornings are BUSY!  Thank goodness we are early risers as we have so much to get done before we leave for school in the morning!  Add to that, the fact that we will have two children, at two different locations in opposite directions!  Thankfully we are easing into the routine with Little Miss A only attending Kindy on a 5 day fortnight roster. 

WE have always had a before school routine, but whilst Master O was little, I still had to assist him with each task so i didnt think there was a need for any charts or printed reminders.  Last year however, his uniform became simpler for him to do and he became more independent so i found myself sending him upstairs to get ready by himself. 

Let me tell you, distraction is the art of 6 year old boys.  I found myself constantly reminding him of what he had to next, what had he done already, and generally being a yelling, nagging mother.  Not pretty.  So this year I am determined to change things.  Little Miss A is less distracted and a real busy bee who loves to be in the midst of everything.   She is extremely independent, determined and self sufficient and always has been!  She even toilet trained herself!  This also means she knows what she likes and what she doesn’t which will be very interesting when this year, with a uniform, there will be less flexibility in what she wears or how she does her hair.  Tantrums they are a coming.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

This year, I don’t have time for chaos!  With a new baby arriving there will be many morning when I am stuck feeding, changing, dressing, settling a baby and My Pigeon Pair will need to get themselves organised the best they can!  We need a routine and a CHART!!!! 

We need an illustrated, MORNING ROUTINE CHART and it needs to be;

  • Visual (especially for little Miss A as she is a pre-reader)
  • Timed (for Master O as he needs very specific timeframes)
  • Can track progress (what have you done already?)
  • Easy to reach and read.
  • Simple

I have made a MILLION routine charts in time but always for Preppies in a classroom!  Visual routines are of particular benefit to any child that likes routine and structure (which quite frankly is all children) but particularly children with ASD. 

How to create your own routine chart.

  1. MAKE A LIST. Firstly I wrote out what order I needed each thing done in the morning.  This may be different for each family depending on circumstances.  We have a two story house, with living areas downstairs and bedrooms upstairs. So we tend to group activities together depending on wether they are performed upstairs or downstairs.
  2. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?  I then gave each activity a time reference (how long it should take to complete) 
  3. DON’T BE LATE. Then I worked backwards from the time we need to leave the house.  This varies each day as it depends on whether we need to do two drop offs or if their are before school activities.  The earliest we need to leave is 7.30 so I worked from their.  If on other mornings we have extra time, BONUS! 

I then made a simple 3 column table in Word.  One column for Master O (with clock faces) a middle column for the activity in written form and the last column for visual reminders for Little Miss A.

Add your routine and print!


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 6.53.09 AM

I then printed out the routine and attached it to a clipboard. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 6.48.47 AM

Whats a hook without a little washi!

Using a 3M hook (that of course I had to washi tape) I attached it to the wall just inside their bedroom.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 6.54.56 AM

Easily accessible right inside their bedroom door.

 I used a coloured peg for each child attached to the outside of the clipboard.  As they complete each activity, they move the peg to the next one, to help remind them of what they have already done and what they need to do next!

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 6.57.22 AM

A closer look at our routine!  The arrows are to symbolise, go upstairs or go downstairs.

This is a very simple routine and we only just started using it yesterday, as we wean ourselves out of holiday mode and into back to school mode! 

Would this routine work for you?  Would you like me to make it available to you?

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND! It’s yours to print for free!

Kids Morning Routine (780)

This a free printable and I am more than happy for you to share the love with a friend!

This printable is not to be sold in any way. 

Cleaning Schedules – Living and Dining

 Yesterday I shared this picture on Instagram. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 6.09.04 AM

  It is of our Weekly Cleaning Schedule.  Due to bad health, we haven’t used it for a while. Our house and us as a family have been just surviving o and if the bench got wiped down and the floor vacuumed that was a huge bonus.   But this week I am desperately hoping to get back into routine and to stop letting the washing pile up and the dust accumulate.  By doing just a little each day, I find the house always seems a little tidier and cleaner. I love lists and routines so it was only appropriate that our house cleaning should have one too!

 Being sick has also made me realise that sometimes I need more specific lists of exactly what each job entails.  This helps if I need to get a cleaner in, or hubby is doing the job or even if the kids want to help!  They love to check it off the list!  So here is our a little more specific list for the first zone of our house, the Living and Dining Room.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 6.34.19 AM

 This is one big open plan space.  Although it gets a tidy throughout the day I love to have one day a week where it gets a little more attention.

Wipe Down Couches:  We have WHITE leather couches.  People thought we were crazy getting them with young children, but seriously they are the easiest thing to keep clean!  Being leather you can simply wipe off a spill and I have even managed to scrub off lipstick and pink pen, thanks to Little Miss A’s artistic endeavours.  Being white means that they are colourfast.  If I have to scrub in a particular area, that area doesnt become faded, because it is white!  I simply wipe down the couch with baby wipes!!!  I also love Method’s Leather spray and once a month we give it the royal treatment with a leather care kit we have.

Wash Cushions:  If the weather is good (unlike yesterday!) I give our decorative cushions a wash.  I always look for covers that are removable and machine washable as grubby hands and faces love our cushions!!

Dust Wall Unit:  This one the kids love to help with!  I have a whole assortment of micro fibre cloths and they love to choose a colour and dust the unit!  Just be sure to watch them with the precious breakables!  Learnt that one the hard way!  Oh and they have a tendency to set up their own little displays including our current “Smurf Stampede”!

Wipe TV Screen:  At the moment I am using Glass spray but I would love for someone to recommend a great product for screens!

Declutter Magazines:  The magazine rack has a habit of attracting junk mail and brochures that do not need to be kept longer than a week!  

Dust and Wipe Down The Buffet:  Yet again a microfibre cloth and then a spray with Method “Wood for Good Daily Spray.”  Then Monthly I give it a good polish with Method “Touch Wood”

Dining Room

This is a quick one!

Wipe Down Chairs:  We have a kind of suede chair seat that I wipe over with a dmap micro fibre cloth.

The Table Runner gets thrown in the wash with the cushion covers and the table gets a clean with the “Wood For Good” 

I also love to use this time to give my decor a little rearrange!

All up this take me less than 40minutes!  Especially if I have little helpers!  We turn the music up and get cleaning!  

For more details on our Cleaning Schedule

or to download the FREE PRINTABLE check this out….. 

Cleaning Schedules

A Guest Room Makeover

School Holidays mean one thing in our house…..VISITORS! 

As most of our family live miles away, school holidays are the perfect time for a grandparent visit.  We are very lucky to have a spare bedroom which is the allocated guest room.  Unfortunately, as it is a room used only occasionally, it has been a little neglected on the decorating front.  

Oh the Before picture is very sad.  Although I had found quite a nice “comforter” a while ago it didnt come with any pillowcases or cushions.  I convinced myself when I bought it that I would eventually find some that matched. I ummed and ahhed over what colours would match together and my inability to make any decisions equated to…. eventually never coming! 

Whilst browsing Target (for something completetly unrelated) I found this “6 Piece Bed Pack”.  It was the same price it was going to cost me to buy pillowcases and cushions to  match the existing comforter (On sale for $60) and it was COMPLETE!  No matching or decision making required! 

Until now I had been put off buying quilt covers and had instead gone for a comforter simply because I hate trying to make lumpy beds.  

Finally someone (surely a woman) has had the good sense to put ties on the quilt that can be tied to the cover.  No more lost and lumpy quilt!

The bedside table was replaced with a tray table that we had downstairs gathering junk and dust.   

 Some favourite magazines, a cute owl plate to keep jewellery, tickets or your phone and a simple white bowl with some Cath Kidston Bath Products. ALL BOUGHT ON SALE!

With some new bedding, a refresh of the bedside table and repurposing some artwork from around the house we have given the Guest Room a whole new lease of life. 

Now she just needs some visitors! 


This post is in collaboration with Target as part of the Target Blog Hub.  Target has compensated me for my time and provided vouchers to help bring our tired guest room to life.  

Under The Kitchen Sink

There are some parts of our home that seem to be harder to keep organised than others. Under our Kitchen Sink is one of them!  We had a bit of a makeover this time last year but after a year of living and using it is was shambles!

So what I have learnt….

1. Limit the number of cleaning products.  

It is easy to get overwhelmed by a miscellaneous assortment of products.  I have 4 every day sprays (on the top shelf) with a fifth occasional wood polish.  From Left to Right – Dishwashing Liquid, Daily Granite, All Purpose and Daily Wood. Naturally they are all Method products.  

Daily Granite –  for our black granite bench tops. Never have they been left so sparkly clean without any residue! If you are anything like me you clean your kitchen bench about 10 times a day!

All Purpose – I use this for the stove top, appliances and cupboards.  It is an oil and grime fighter! This one is a new “flavour” and smells incredible!

Daily Wood – For our dining room tables.  We have a small breakfast table and then a lunch and dinner table that get a good work out!  

Dishwashing Liquid- In a handy pump bottle as you can see we love it!  I hand wash lunchboxes, tupperware and kids plastics. 

2. Get rid of packaging and replace with reusable storage.

I take all the dishwashing tablets out of their packaging and empty them into this tin.  We use Method “Smarty Dish” tablets. It keeps them out of sight of little eyes and means I can declutter 3 packets into one tin.  Great for buying in bulk.

3. Containerise.  

I use some small plastic baskets from Kmart to hold all of our cloths and occasional use items like gumption, leather cleaner etc.  I also use one for our “wipes”

4. Keep the items you use daily at arms reach.  

This helps to ensure they are easy to put back into the right place! The ones you only use occasionally can go on the bottom or at the back and if you havent used it in the last 6 months THROW IT OUT! 

5. Enter our METHOD Giveaway.

So you too can throw out the rest of your cleaning supplies! 

Enter via Rafflecopter below and tell us

What is under your Kitchen Sink?  

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This is a giveaway. Method supplied me with the products mentioned in this post.

Organising For Winter

The temperature here has dropped. By dropped, I mean dived head fist into the single digits.  In the space of  one week we have gone from having the fan on to digging out the blankets.  As the seasons change so does our home.  Different spaces need adapting, organising and replenishing.

When Organising for Winter I start with…..


Target - Dotty Flannelette Sheet Set

Blankety Beds.  I have two sets of bedding for the kids bedrooms.  Winter and Summer.  For Winter I replace their cotton fitted and top sheets with cozy flanellete.  As I went to do this I realised this would be the first Winter Miss A was not in a cot!  So I purchased these great basic flanellete sheet sets for her bed.  For now I am leaving their coverlets on the bed and adding a thicker blanket on top.  By July I know I will have to get out the thicker quilt covers.

Target - 2 Pk of Holeproof Socks.

Building On the Basics.  This is a great time to restock the kids wardrobes with the basics.  It has been a year since we have needed so many singlets and socks and in that time My Pigeon Pair have GROWN! For Master O I stock up on plain white singlets. These are great for under school uniforms. Little Miss A I can get a little fancier and get a range of white, pink, purple.  I also restock their sock collection.  I find multipacks offer the next value for money and I like to buy at least 5 pairs of socks each.  Socks are a one wear item, take longer to dry and get extra filthy, hence needing 5 pairs! This time of year I also buy the kids a pair of new slippers each.  To help extend the wrdrobe budget I also grab a few plain long sleeved shirts for layering.  They can be worn under a summer pinafore dress, with a summer skirt or under a t-shirt, to give the summer wardrobes a little stretch into winter. With all of these new items coming into bedrooms it also important to cull the old!

15 L Storage Container - Target

Storage. Starting with the socks and singlets I sort, cull and store.  Any socks that are too small, I donate.  Any that are small but I think I could pass on to friends later, I store. I try to do this before buying anything new.  It’s amazing to find that you have items that you had bought, not used and forgotten about! Unfortunately having a “pigeon pair” means that there is rarely anything to pass down, within our family! I also use this time to put cull, sort and store the past seasons clothes.  Little Miss A actually had a whole contianer of clothes that I am sure will still fit this next summer!  I simply took them out of her wardrobe and put them into a storage container. I labelled it with it’s sizes and season e.g Summer Size 3-4.  

Vacuum bags are great for long term storage. Like the clothes that are too small to wear but to good to throw.  But for clothes that we may need occasionally during the current season I like to use a plastic storage container. My trick is to buy a storage container smaller than I think I will need!  It forces me to be more brutal with my culling and is easier to fit and lift on top of the wardrobes.  I like the 15L ones from Target as they are sturdy, clear (not smokey) and have great lids.  They are also only $7!!!

The bedrooms are now “Winterfied”with freshly made winter beds, to cosy up into on a cool night.  Now if anyone knows how to keep “My Pigeon Pair” in their own cosy beds and out of mine let me know! 

This is a SPONSORED POST.  I was paid by Target to give my own opinion and advice on Organising for Winter. 


10 Ways With Washi Tape


 I must admit I am late to the Washi Tape Party.  I watched on as blogger after blogger fell in love with the stuff and found a million different ways to use it.  But I sat by and put it in the too complicated basket.  Would it come off if I didn’t like it?  What would I use it for?  I am not only often creatively challenged but I am also impulsive and impatient and seriously easily addicted to things.  I am afraid my friends Washi Tape is no different.

So let’s start with the obvious…..

What is Washi Tape?

 Washi Tape is a little like masking tape.  It is easily applied and removed and can also be ripped instead of cut.  But inlike masking Tape it is BEAUTIFUL!  It comes in an amazing array of colours and patterns.

What can I use Washi Tape for?

How long is a piece of tape?  You can use it for a million different things but I will start with 10!!!


Organising Cups at a Party! Can’t remember whose cup belongs to who? How about some washi tape to help identify the owner! Or use some colour coordinating tape to help decorate some simple plastic cups for the next children’s Birthday party!


Reuse any can or jar by decorating it with washi tape. Great for pencils, utensils even cutlery. Cheap and beautiful.


Washi tape is so easy to remove it is great for decorating walls. This is such a clever way to frame artwork in a childrens bedroom or play space.


A basic photo frame can be colour co-ordinated and personalised to suit any decor with some Washi Tape!


OK so this would be time consuming, but oh how creative AND effective! A Washi Tape Keyboard!

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


Washi Tape adds interest and colour to these simple glass jars. Group them together, add candles or flowers and you have a gorgeous table centrepiece.


A simple wood or cardboard letter, covered in washi tape and attached to a frame makes a great piece of monogram artwork. This would make a great present!


You know how much I love colour coding my calendar and planner! Next year I am going to use wash tape instead of pens! Assign a different colour for each family member or for each different activity.


How cute is this! I am thinking cake top decoration, children’s bedrooms or seasonal table decorations!

and my very first project with washi tape was inspired by this one!


Washi Tape on bulldog clips! I have used them to help colour code my filing system!


Where can I buy Washi Tape?

Well you, the readers told me that one, you put me onto…

They had an amazing range, great prices and quick delivery!  Even better, they had a whole other range of goodies including the cutest stationary and gorgeous  organising bits and pieces, perfect for my new home office!

Just some of my new collection!

So what have you used Washi Tape for? 

Robomaid Review and Giveaway

One of the perks of building our own home was that it came equipped with a “VacuMaid” in built Vaccuum system.  Or so we thought.  After years of almost daily use, the system died and we then realised how expensive it would be to replace.  Since then we have gone from cheap Vaccuum to cheaper vacuum.. Each has had its good points, but unfortunately none of them did everything well.  Then this arrived……

We have a large house, with a combination of tiles, carpet and rugs.  This house will put the Robomaid through its paces! 


Ease of Use – So its a robot.  I thought this might mean that I would require an aeronautical degree to read the instructions and operate the machine!  I was so wrong.  I simply plugged the dock in, charged the machine and then pressed play.  The Instruction manual is clear and easy to understand.  I played around with a few different settings including; following the walls, zig zag and spot cleaning.

The Robomaid can effortlessly fit under furniture.

Perfect Transitions - I think this is what I had been sceptical about.  Could it go from tiles to rug and back again?  Would it get stuck on the furniture?  No and NO! We have a thick rug on the Living room floor and the Robomaid easily transitioned from tiles onto rug and down again.  It did bump against furniture especially the dining room chairs but it then reversed and went around them!  The Robomaid is so compact it even effortlessly slid under our buffet unit. 

It followed the wall to go in and around corners.

Great Strength and Coverage –  I was pleasantly surprised how much this small and light machine picked up.  It seems to map the room and zig zags from space to space.  It didn’t pick up every single bit of rubbish.  SOme spots were missed, but considering it was not a human cleaning I thought the coverage was good.  It really pays to attach the little side sweepers and I found this helped with getting right into the edges.

I can now do two jobs at once!

The Time Factor –  Yes it does take longer to clean a space than it would to vacuum with a standard vaccuum cleaner.  But it’s not my time!  I can set it and forget it.  Or even better I follow it from room to room with my steam mop!  I am getting the floors done in half the time.  I especially like the set and forget mode for the upstairs bedrooms.  I can leave it in a small room whilst I go on the school run and cross one more housewrok job off the list.

Spaces – The robomaid worked well in both our open plan areas and smaller rooms.  The open plan areas naturally took longer to clean and were not cleaned has thoroughly as the smaller rooms.  I would love to play around more with the “invisible wall” function.  This helps section off certain areas and prevents it from falling down the stairs! I think this would help achieve a better clean in the open areas.

Noise – The RoboMaid was actually quieter than our VacuuMaid!

For me the biggest plus is the fact that I can use my time on other jobs around the house whilst the Robomaid does the vacuuming.  I also love that it is so easy to take up stairs, place in bathrooms or bedrooms and can easily transition form tiles to carpet to rugs.  I dont think it will replace a larger vacuum cleaner all together.  I would still like to do one big thorough vaccuum once a fortnight and get into the window sills, between the fridge etc.  But overall, I LOVE IT!  Now I have to change My Cleaning Schedule

If I love it, I know you will love it to so we are GIVING ONE AWAY!!!!

Simply enter VIA Rafflecopter below and tell us…..

What feature of the Robomaid do you love the most?

What a great Mother’s Day Present!!!


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Using Trays To Organise and Decorate

 There is a little area of our home that needs some love.  It is a low buffet unit in our living room and I just can’t figure out how to decorate it.  Last week at West Elm I spied some gorgeous trays.  I love the way using a tray can group random items together to make it look like a gorgeous vignette! Trays are also a great way to keep items organised! Using a tray helps control the clutter as it provides a confined space for it to live. 

Now for the ‘pin’spiration…….



Think outside the tray. These are test tubes! This looks like an amazing thrift store find, decorated with a simple, single bloom each!

A vintage tray, filled with glasses of assorted shapes but similar size, topped with such amazing flowers.  What a gorgeous centrepiece this would make to any able setting.

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest

That blue lattice urn is just striking! This little vignette would be great in a bathroom or guest room.



This is a great example of how varying vases are all “brought together” by using a tray, plate, frame.


My favourite colour! Such a random scatter of tiny jars but it looks perfect!

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


I saw a display similar to this at pottery barn and it would be perfect for my wooden buffet. 

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


Tidy up any space and keep it organised with a tray to confine the clutter! 

Now I think a trip to a few thrift stores must be planned for later this week to find a tray and some cute recycled glass vases! Anyone else got a tray display they can show me? Which one is your favourite?

Pottery Barn Kids – Australia

Just when you thought my Pottery Barn posts were over!

I am only half way through my tour!

Pottery Barn Kids shares some floor space with Pottery Barn.  These two stores were the ones I was most excited to explore.  So what do I love about Pottery Barn Kids.  Of course I could go on and on but the one thing I have ordered before and will be ordering again is the Bedroom Linen and Decor.

Americans just know how to dress a bed.  I have struggled to find complete bedding sets in Australia especially, cot skirts.  I cna not put into words how divine the Nursery bedding is and the rugs!   At last you can buy a COMPLETE set of matching bedding including pillow shams, bed skirts, curtains, wall art and even rugs.  Not only that but the styles are classic and will grow with your child.  Versatility is the key to good nursery design and no one does versatile like Pottery Barn Kids.

Brooklyn – Nursery Bedding – PB Kids
Dahlia – Nursery Bedding – PBKids
Hayley – Nursery Bedding – PBKids
Maya – Nursery Bedding – PBKids
Camille – Nursery Bedding – PBKids

Do you see what I mean about COMPLETE sets?  The rugs are like nothing else on the Australian market and AFFORDABLE!  Most of the cots convert and the furniture is designed to create easy transitions from Nursery to Toddler to Child rooms. 

 I just had to show you the Tulle Bed skirt and matching rug! 

The Retro Play Kitchens will give a certain Swedish Supplier a run for their money!

Check out those “Anywhere” chairs.  With removable, washable and durable covers that can be monogrammed.

Sorry Jen!  This was the only photo I got of the gorgeous rugs!  You can check out Jen from The Interiors Addict post HERE

The children’s bedding was just as gorgeous.  The layered beds are great for Australian Climates as you can dress your bed according to the weather.  It also allows you to build up a set over time.  

The canopies can be created in various ways depending on your preference.  The canopy itself comes in a variety of colours and then you can add accessories such as tulle bows or butterflies as you like. 

My photos do not do it justice! 

The Boys bedding did not disappoint. Although I was not as taken with the boys display on further inspection of the shelves there was a variety of both Licensed and classic bedding. 

As nice as the girls stuff?  No.  But better than what we currently have in Australia? Yes.

Pottery Barn Kids, Bondi store will also offer events for children including tea parties, storytime sessions and seasonal craft. Check online for bookings.

Children are made to feel at home in the store and encouraged to play, touch and enjoy. Their are instore children’s bathrooms, a lift for prams and plenty of space.

Pottery Barn Kids have the price point right, an understanding of their customers needs and have created a personalised and hands on experience of shopping with children. 

We are making progress people, slow but steady.