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Busy Bags

School is back and that means “Tot School” is in session.  This year our “Tot School” is going to look VERY different as Little Miss A now attends Kindergarden 2-3 days a week! We are also gradually progressing away from … Continue reading

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Creating a Morning Routine

Our mornings are BUSY!  Thank goodness we are early risers as we have so much to get done before we leave for school in the morning!  Add to that, the fact that we will have two children, at two different … Continue reading

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100 Kids Healthy Lunch Ideas

Ever feel like after a few weeks into the school year, suddenly your enthusiasm for making lunches wanes?  I start off, full of good intentions and enthusiasm and after a week or two I am back to vegemite sandwiches and … Continue reading

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I got married before Pinterest

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land before wifi and iphones, there was no Pinterest.  In fact in this primitive time there was also no Facebook or Instagram or even sending pictures via mobile phones.  It … Continue reading

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We are back!

What A Christmas! On the 21st of December my little sister welcomed her first child into the world, baby Charlotte.  Thankfully we were already on the long 2 day drive up north and I got to meet and hold Charlotte … Continue reading

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Decorating for Christmas

Each year I take decorating for Christmas a little further.  Another little niche in the house gets a little Christmas flair.  This year as I unloaded the decorations from their storage boxes I couldn’t help but wish I had of … Continue reading

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Best Books for 7 – 12 Year Olds

By now you will know that I am passionate about the joys and benefits of children reading.  Every Day, Every Where, Every Thing.   Christmas is the perfect opportunity to stock up on books for the year ahead.  For me growing up … Continue reading

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2013 – My Christmas Elf – Day 13 – Carols and Candles

I must admit we have never gone to a community carols night before!   Between the school carols night and Christmas parties we always have something on.  But this year with a little help form our elves we were all … Continue reading

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10 Elf On The Shelf Antics From Real Homes

Right about now is when you start to run out of Elf On The Shelf Antic ideas.  Wither that or you are just so worn out by all these Elf Antic shenanigans every night, you now lack motivation!  Our elves were … Continue reading

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I’m PREGNANT – Week 25

In the busyness of the festive season I must admit there are days that I forget that I am pregnant!  I always wish I had of chronicled my previous pregnancies a bit better and this blog is the perfect place … Continue reading

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