EVERY morning, I start my day like this.

Just me, my drug of choice (coffee), the junk mail and my diary.  How on earth do I find the time to do that? I make time!  I get up before the kids to enjoy my 20 minutes of peace.  I am a ritual person.  This little ritual has been years in the making.  Even as a uni student I was an early riser, looking forward to greeting the day just sitting with a coffee and the paper.  Now it’s about planning my day out, checking the diary, reading the junk mail and just enjoying PEACE and QUIET, a rarity in this house!

In the busyness of this last week (hence the no blog posts!) I would have gone crazy if I didnt have this twenty minutes of saving grace.  It makes me feel settled, calm, organised and ready to face, whatever the day may bring!

What’s your morning ritual?

11 thoughts on “Rituals”

  1. That sounds so lovely & civilised! I’m not a morning person at all, but that does sound wonderful! My morning ritual is being woken by screaming kids, generally around 5am at the moment… so then we get toddler his milkdrink, breastfeed with baby, change nappies…. lol. I normally try to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee once they’ve settled or whilst they’re having their cereal a bit later, but it gets squeezed out of my day when we’re rushing out the door or the morning doesn’t go so well.

  2. I get up at 6am, shower, squeegee the shower, dress to my shoes, tidy the bedroom, put a load of washing on, empty the dishwasher, have breakfast with my husband before he leaves for work and try to tidy the kitchen if I have time. Basically fit as much as I can in before my 18 month old and 4 month old get up at 7am!
    I have discovered the hard way that if I don’t shower before the kids get up, I probably won’t get another chance during the day and it makes me feel depressed. Whereas if I’m clean, dressed and fed by 7am, life seems so much more manageable!

  3. For me, it’s always been the time between dropping the kids off and starting work. Whether I’m working out of the house, or in the house, I take time to have a coffee and either read the paper or catch up on social media news.

    Sometimes, it’s in a coffee shop, sometimes it’s at my desk, but it’s always a break between kids and work….

  4. Pretty much the same as yours! Definitely a coffee from my Nespresso. Sometimes quietly by myself and sometimes with my youngest who is an early (6am) riser. Love the mornings too, especially at this time of the year.

  5. I’d love to have that morning ritual, and hopefully when my youngest is a bit older I will, but most weekday mornings start with me standing at the kitchen bench, drinking a cup of tea while I feed the baby on my hip her weetbix and start packing school lunches. Personal choice to pack lunches in the morning rather than at night, but I usually have most of it out the way before the 2 school kids rise. I have about 2 minutes to myself (if any at all) before my youngest rises, no matter what time I get up, so I greet the day head-on and have my quiet time after they are all in bed where I sit with a cuppa and just enjoy the silence.

  6. My morning ritual involves my time alone to get ready, which includes doing my make-up, hair and getting dressed. Seems very meh, but it’s a form of release for me. 😉

  7. Coffee and my first blog check. Just a flick through my favourites. Then the news sites.I go to several of them, for a rounded coverage – BBC/ABC/CNN/HuffPo.
    Then more coffee.

    The boys are early risers too, so I don’t get a lot of alone time. Most of my alone time is at night.

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