Just us

Now that Master O has started school, our one on one time is rapidly diminishing.  Why do they have to grow up?  One school pick up, Little Miss A stayed home with Daddy.  This gave me just half an hour with Master O.  Just us.  So what do you do with half an hour of just us time?  Stop for a milkshake of course!

Here he is.  Nearly 5. All smiles.  For just half an hour, it was just us.  Mummy and her big school boy, discussing and imagining.  Who is better at transforming transformers, Mummy or Daddy? What happens if you flick pencils off your desk?   Do ducks and lizards go to school and if they do what do they learn?  You know….. the important stuff.



  1. Awwwhhhh…I love those moments. I should make more time for them with my babies.

  2. They are the moments to treasure, for sure. Ella starts big girl school on Monday. CAn’t believe it’s come around so quickly!

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