February Organising Challenge ~ The Play Room

We have had varying stages of makeover in our playroom.  I know not everyone has a room to house their bomb site of toys but wherever you store your childrens belongings, I am sure they could do with some tidying? Some reorgansing? Better storage solutions? Or THROWING OUT! (When they are not looking!)

Our playroom is one of the most used rooms in our house. Inconvieniently it has no doors on it so its free viewing to any guests!  In general we have systmes in place to keep things running smoothly in the play room, but some problem areas have popped up since Christmas! So step 1 of our Organsiing Chellenge as always is….

IDENTIFY.  What is the problem and why?

Costumes and Dolls. Little Miss A is just that, a miss!  Her pile of dolls, dress ups and girlie accesories seems to be multiplying whilst we sleep!  This storage solution is more than embarrassing!  A clothes basket!  It was a temporary solution, that has outstayed its welcome!  The costumes get dumped on the bottom so to access them Little Miss A dumps out all of the dolls onto the floor!  Definitely a problem! (Storage)

Craft.  I have been storing our craft supplies in this lovely box!  It did the job because we rarely did craft with Mr I don’t like mess Master O.  But Little Miss A LOVES it!  It has started to remain out permanently which means a better solution is needed! (Storage)

Art.  At the moment we have a curtain line form Ikea for displaying art.  This works beautifully but currently it is overloaded with artwork from a million years ago as I don’t want to take anything down!  (Storage, Systems)

Cull.  A general cull and sort is desperately needed!  I should have done this before the Christmas inundation as now it is overwhelming!  With Master O’s birthday just around the corner, the cull needs to be done NOW!

How is your play area looking?  Want to join me in the challenge?


6 thoughts on “February Organising Challenge ~ The Play Room”

  1. We don’t have a set play area. My younger girls just have tubs in their bedroom with their toys. I keep a craft box in the bottom of our dresser in the dining room. But it all could do with a bit of a culling now that they’re at school.

  2. This is also a continually evolving “organisation” job, started again yesterday with shouty-mummy marshalling kidlets to just get the latest stuff “away”! Help to get toy rotation to a real-life, happening practice would be VERY welcome!

  3. I’m about to get the Trofast system from Ikea.

    Please, I beg of you, tell me more about this curtain line for displaying artwork? There’s only so much room on my fridge….

  4. we’ve culled and donated and need to cull again – boxed it all up and will be brought out when the renovations are done – and culled again.. way too many toys.. sentimental I don’t want to throw away.. incase of a newbie.. but atm no newbie insight :)

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