Run like the wind through the mud

So the torrential rain we got this weekend did not make for a great Birthday Party, BUT it did create the perfect play area….

For a little one that is all sugary sweet she sure loved the mud!  Eventually she even stripped her self off for a run through the mud!  

Why is it that the messiest play is always the most fun?

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A Busy Beautiful Life

Although the “My Pigeon Pair” blog has been quiet, life for “My Pigeon Pair” has been anything but!

So for a little catch up…..

Master O turned 5!  This birthday was huge for him.  He has now entered the age of counting down the sleeps to major events!  As family rules dictate he was allowed to invite 5 friends (the number of your age!)  Five children does not sound like alot but it felt like twenty!  It rained, they had to stay inside and we quickly ran out of things to do!


Little Miss A is about to turn 2.  She is all girl.  Usually found with a handbag, hat, jewellery and baby doll.  It takes us forever to get in the car for the school run as she HAS to take three “babies” with her.  She has just discovered hi-5 and will copy the dance moves!  In fact she copies everything!  Including imitating Master O saying his sight words! She is busy and QUIET! So different from Master O who is the definition of LOUD and ejects noise 24/7, yes even in his sleep!  Problem is she is quiet and into everything. You will take your eyes off her for a minute and you will find her stripped off and running in the mud!

Life is busy.  I am loving helping in the mornings in Master o’s classroom.  It is what I imagined life as a school mum would be like.  The morning routine is crazy and after school not much better, and we are yet to start afterschool activities!  There have been days I have struggled with the work life balance.  More than any other year as now there will be things I miss out on at Master O’s school.  Not always being there certainly takes some getting used to.

The house is still a decor work in progress but slowly we are getting there.  Will update you on some little projects we have undertaken!

So that’s it.  We are here.  Just.  Crazy, busy, caotic, hectic.  But living this beautiful life and loving it!


EVERY morning, I start my day like this.

Just me, my drug of choice (coffee), the junk mail and my diary.  How on earth do I find the time to do that? I make time!  I get up before the kids to enjoy my 20 minutes of peace.  I am a ritual person.  This little ritual has been years in the making.  Even as a uni student I was an early riser, looking forward to greeting the day just sitting with a coffee and the paper.  Now it’s about planning my day out, checking the diary, reading the junk mail and just enjoying PEACE and QUIET, a rarity in this house!

In the busyness of this last week (hence the no blog posts!) I would have gone crazy if I didnt have this twenty minutes of saving grace.  It makes me feel settled, calm, organised and ready to face, whatever the day may bring!

What’s your morning ritual?

Lovely Kids Craft for Valentine’s Day!

 Regardless of if you celebrate Valentines day or not, these heart filled craft ideas make great presents any time of year!  Fill your home with some lovely hand made decor or spread some love to those around you with a heartfelt crafty gift.  

So simple but super effective!  Paper hearts threaded together with cut up straws!  If you pre cut or pre paper punched the hearts even a toddler could do this activity!

What a cute, cheap and easy Valentines gift idea!  I have noticed quite a few “love heart” shaped bubbles at newagencies and spotlight! (usually for weddings!)

This one is a definite!!!  A little chubby arm and hand holding a bunch of hearts!  This is one for a canvas to display in the playroom!

I am thinking oil and water marbling on some tissue paper?  Or even candle wax resist with light pink paint?  The key is in the grouping of all the hearts together! Love it!

Two hands making one heart.  Sure makes your heart melt!  Add some sentimental words around the outside and create a gorgeous heartfelt keepsake!

The same concept but this time with some little fingerprints!

Another all ages craft!  Simply scurnh pieces of tissue paper or even cellophane and stick onto a heart template.  Add a ribbon and you have this truly gorgeous decoration.

Use a large hollow heart template.  Cover with clear contact and “stick” on smaller hearts, coloured paper, sequins, cellophane, the possibilities are endless!

All of these ideas would be great at any time of the year, especially Mothers Day! What a hnads on and heart felt way to spread a little love!

For these and many more ideas check out my PINTEREST board.

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Just us

Now that Master O has started school, our one on one time is rapidly diminishing.  Why do they have to grow up?  One school pick up, Little Miss A stayed home with Daddy.  This gave me just half an hour with Master O.  Just us.  So what do you do with half an hour of just us time?  Stop for a milkshake of course!

Here he is.  Nearly 5. All smiles.  For just half an hour, it was just us.  Mummy and her big school boy, discussing and imagining.  Who is better at transforming transformers, Mummy or Daddy? What happens if you flick pencils off your desk?   Do ducks and lizards go to school and if they do what do they learn?  You know….. the important stuff.


February Organising Challenge ~ The Play Room

We have had varying stages of makeover in our playroom.  I know not everyone has a room to house their bomb site of toys but wherever you store your childrens belongings, I am sure they could do with some tidying? Some reorgansing? Better storage solutions? Or THROWING OUT! (When they are not looking!)

Our playroom is one of the most used rooms in our house. Inconvieniently it has no doors on it so its free viewing to any guests!  In general we have systmes in place to keep things running smoothly in the play room, but some problem areas have popped up since Christmas! So step 1 of our Organsiing Chellenge as always is….

IDENTIFY.  What is the problem and why?

Costumes and Dolls. Little Miss A is just that, a miss!  Her pile of dolls, dress ups and girlie accesories seems to be multiplying whilst we sleep!  This storage solution is more than embarrassing!  A clothes basket!  It was a temporary solution, that has outstayed its welcome!  The costumes get dumped on the bottom so to access them Little Miss A dumps out all of the dolls onto the floor!  Definitely a problem! (Storage)

Craft.  I have been storing our craft supplies in this lovely box!  It did the job because we rarely did craft with Mr I don’t like mess Master O.  But Little Miss A LOVES it!  It has started to remain out permanently which means a better solution is needed! (Storage)

Art.  At the moment we have a curtain line form Ikea for displaying art.  This works beautifully but currently it is overloaded with artwork from a million years ago as I don’t want to take anything down!  (Storage, Systems)

Cull.  A general cull and sort is desperately needed!  I should have done this before the Christmas inundation as now it is overwhelming!  With Master O’s birthday just around the corner, the cull needs to be done NOW!

How is your play area looking?  Want to join me in the challenge?


Meal Planning Monday

I have said it before, but I will say it again…..meal planning has saved our life!  We are saving time, money, frustration, disorganisation and the forever 5pm question of what are we having for dinner?

With that said… is the weeks meal plan!

If that sounds good to you…feel free to download and print it HERE!

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