The more you read, the more you know

Did you know that this year is the National Year of Reading?  Well now you have no excuse.  I have been on my soapbox a lot this past year about just how important reading is for children.  It is not just about reading TO your children.  Let your child explore books from the moment their born, in their own way.  Upside down, back to front, touching, eating, enjoying books! You may not realise but they are always learning.  This is how I often find Little Miss A….

In her cubby with a book!

Melts my heart EVERY time!

Ok so that wasn’t really wordless! 

My Little Drummer Boys

7 thoughts on “The more you read, the more you know”

  1. Lufflump is only now really getting into books, reading them himself and asking us to read them. It’s so important!
    Love that photo – it’s gorgeous!

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