Project Life – ‘Pin’spiration

As the end of January approaches it is time for me to get started on our 2012 “Project Life” album.  That’s right it is only January and I am already behind!  This rainy weather definitely helps with the motivation to get started!  So today my “Pinspiration” is all about “Project Life”!!!

 A goregous yellow layout to get me started!  Love the fabric swatches!

Some colourful “positive” quotes to print off and have ready for a rainy day!

I had no idea that there were so many journaling cards on the web that you can print at home!

Words can not express how much I LOVE this idea!  Storing random receipts so one day we can look back and put the current ridiculous price of groceries in perspective!  Could meat really get any more expensive?

These word cut outs are such a great idea and really motivating me to literally get outside my little white box this year and add some embellishments to our album!

Ok so that one’s not from Pinterest!  It’s our Great Wall of IKEA!  But can you spy our Project Life albums?  Can you guess what colour we went with?

So are you a “Project Lifer”?

Or do you have no idea what I am talking about?

In the coming weeks I hope to explain it all to the newbies!

Linking up with my Sunday FAVOURITES! 

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  1. I dont think i have heard of “the project life” before Hmmm well i may now . Good looking forward to this explanation thing lol… I want in now OK :-) Loving the pins Awesome!!!

  2. I love the layout ideas. I haven’t heard of project life before, but I did enjoy scrapbooking – must dust those albums off…

    Great idea with the receipts :)

  3. I love Project Life! I wish I could buy it knowing I’d finish it but I think living through other’s is what is best for me.
    Great Pinterest finds!

  4. Love that there are sooo many printables on pinterest! Great pins.

  5. Love your pins Larissa! And you great wall of IKEA is awesome.

    I am not a project lifer, but I would like to be… Maybe next year :)

  6. I’m doing project life and I’m behind already too. (sounds like an AA intro.) I hadn’t seen some of these pins. The random receipts is a great idea, as long as they don’t fade. I guess we could photocopy them.

  7. Hmm…yes, I’m one of those who has no idea what “Project Life” is all about, but I’m guessing it’s got something to do with scrapbooking and also documenting your year?

  8. I think it’s only been this year that there have been so many printables on the market, and so many people sharing their projects…thank you Pinterest for enabling us!! lol…and thanks Larissa for the pinspiration. Love your Ikea unit!!

  9. These are just a great fab find. Although not a project lifer as such, I’m doing the 366 project this year and scrapping them as I go. Trying to keep ahead and is tough going at any time….love these finds my favourite would be the cut outs….I’ll also admit I’ve kept all the receipts from our tour in the Uk/Paris etc etc for the very exciting task of looking through them all and looking where our hard earned cash was invested :) such lovely lovely finds thanks for sharing :)

  10. I really wanted to do Project Life this year but I think I’ll wait until next year (buying all my supplies before this year is finished so I’m ready). I’m loving your Great Wall. Very impressive :) Thanks for linking up this week!

  11. lol I am procrastinating getting started…have printed my first photos but want to do it ‘right’! I have given myself to the end of January to start!

  12. Ooh, I do scrapbooking, I think I will have to stop back in to find out what this project life is all about it. I have no idea.

  13. I like your wall of Ikea, I’m working up to that, but I have to do it subtly without my other half working out what I’m up to!

  14. I am doing Project Life and I am loving all the inspiration from others doing it. Thanks for sharing these pins, especially love thee receipt one – could go with a photo of your shopping trolley.

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