In the middle

It was a too long drive home after Christmas.  Two days in a too small car.  Two children who were too tired to have patience.  Two parents who were too exhausted from all the festivities.  But amidst the tears and tantrums when all sanity seems lost, I turn around and see this….

In the middle of the chaos two little hands reach out for each other.  Their hands are in the middle of this crazy experience together, separated only by a jumble of teddy dogs and colouring in books.  In the middle of counting kilometres and working out where the next toilet stop will be, for a brief moment we think about something else.  We stop, breathe and smile about what we find in the middle of it all.

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  1. Gorgeous picture. Love it when my kids surprise me and show moments of love and care towards each other. N x

  2. Isn’t that a gorgeous moment in time! Something to remind you that after all that chaos, there is love and that is all that matters!! Perfect shot!

  3. sweet picture!

  4. Oh.MY.
    that indeed is a glorious forever photo.
    Love a heart melting shot …glad you have such beautiful and loving kids!
    D X

  5. Oh, that is the sweetest photo!!! Love it to bits!! Bet you’re glad you captured it :)

  6. That’s beautiful. Love these little sibling moments x

  7. That is just sooo precious xxx

  8. Now that’s enough to make your heart melt!!

  9. So sweet.
    Thanks for linking up your ‘beautiful’ image.

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