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The more you read, the more you know

Did you know that this year is the National Year of Reading?  Well now you have no excuse.  I have been on my soapbox a lot this past year about just how important reading is for children.  It is not … Continue reading

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Lunchbox Plans

We are only on Week Two of lunches and I am already running out of ideas!  Especially when it comes to calcium!  I would love your suggestions for calcium filled lunch box ideas that are not yoghurt!!! Here is this … Continue reading

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Project Life – ‘Pin’spiration

As the end of January approaches it is time for me to get started on our 2012 “Project Life” album.  That’s right it is only January and I am already behind!  This rainy weather definitely helps with the motivation to … Continue reading

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January Organising Challenge ~ Part 2 ~ Inspiration

 During the week I wrote about IDENTIFYING a space in your home that needed some organisation and love.  In particular that little place that your sheets and towels call home! That my friends is the easy part!  Now, with your … Continue reading

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Organising Challenge ~ Straighten the sheets and Tidy the towels

It is with much excitiement that I introduce the “My Pigeon Pair” Organising Challenge!  Towards the end of last year, I decided that this year, would be the year we created a HOME.  We have a beautiful house but it … Continue reading

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Lunch Box Love

 Due to popular demand (I have always wanted to write that!) here are the download links for the lunchbox plans!   The first link is for a blank lunch box plan.  It includes the four columns to help you create … Continue reading

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School Lunches. The Good, The Bad and The Plan!

It feels like I am always on the hunt for something!  This weekend I was swooping on some clever Bento lunch ideas.  Boy did I find a treasure trove of ideas!  Amongst them was a guide as to what consists … Continue reading

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Bringing Back The Bento

No glad wrap, nut free, packaging free, no junk food.  The Kindy Lunch box rules were strict and enforced, with this naughty Mummy getting a note sent home in the first week of Kindy for not following the rules (I … Continue reading

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Love it? Label it or Loose it!

Boy could I go on and on about my never ending search for the perfect labels!  Even before I had children I was a label addict and purchased my own name labels for all my books!  Teachers beware nothing was … Continue reading

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In the middle

It was a too long drive home after Christmas.  Two days in a too small car.  Two children who were too tired to have patience.  Two parents who were too exhausted from all the festivities.  But amidst the tears and … Continue reading

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