Dressing with your salad? Why I would choose to buy my fashion with my groceries.

Selling fashion in supermarkets is not a new thing.  Stores in the United States and UK have been doing it for years and finally the trend has caught on in Australia.  Last month Coles introduced “MIX” a “fast, affordable and everyday” fashion range into their supermarkets.  Naturally this concept has been embraced by many an Aussie Mum, including me!  So why would I forgoe the fashion chains and shop at the grocery store?

1. Its Convenient.  I work, I mother, I run a household, I do kindy drop off, I blog.  Somewhere in there I find time to do the groceries.  Grocery shopping is generally done childless.  A whole hour of just me, a list and a wonky trolley.  Now I can throw in a new top complete with matching pants and shoes into my trolley as I consider what we are having for dinner tonight.  One car trip, one car park, one time dedicated to shopping.  Extended store hours mean I can pop in for a new outfit at a time that suits me. Oh and perhaps the hubby won’t notice the purchases if they are hidden amongst the bread and milk?

2. It’s Affordable.  I am afraid my days of spending a couple of hundred on an outfit were farewelled  at the birth suite.  We are on a budget.  A tight budget.  This is where “Mix Apparel” has really got it covered.  The clothes are good quality.  The most expensive item is $39. Generally you are looking at between $12 and $25.  They are desinged to be MIX and matched further adding to its practicality and budget sense.  

3. It’s On Trend.  Think nautical, think maxi dresses, think 50’s style polka dot swimwear.  It can be cheap but if it doesnt look good whats the point?  The current range MIX’es effortfless practicality with style.  Casual to cocktail.  If you have seen it in your high end retail fashion stores, chances are MIX has done it too.  But for quarter of the price.  The range also includes menswear, shoes and accessories. 

$19 ~ Side Rhinestone Flip Flop

$25 ~ Smocked Maxi Dress

$15 ~ Sleeveless Mix Ruffle Top

The MIX range is “fast fashion” meaning it changes every two weeks, so if you see something whilst browsing online be sure to grab it quickly before it’s gone!

So…would you buy your fashion with your groceries?

 Have you checked out the “MIX” range at your local Coles?

 Oh and hands off that maxi dress, it’s all mine!

 check out mixapparel.com.au for all the details. 

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  1. Ooh, I DO like that maxi!!

  2. I too brought myself that maxi dress. It is sooo comfy. I was actally really surpised by how good the stuff is, and the range of stuff! xxx

  3. When I was a child, Coles used to sell clothing in their supermarkets. Glad to see it making a comeback. Its a shame they don’t do plus size.

  4. Yup, I sure would. If only there was one a lot nearer to where I am though. The nearest one for me is about 30 minutes away. Still, I went there to check it out and guess what? I got that maxi! :p BTW, it is so comfortable! And I also snagged myself a pair of walking shorts and another dress in the same print. I think this makes grocery shopping much more fun! :)

  5. I was really impressed with the clothing range! I love the maxi dress 😉

  6. Looove the Mix range! I already have a Nautical rope type dress and a gorgeos top with sparkles 😉 i love the ease of browsing whilst shopping! I just wish the store i work in had the range.. Although that couldbe dangerous on my bank account hehe xx

  7. That maxi looks great

  8. I love that dress and that top! Is this being rolled out in all Coles stores? I hope so. I’ve bough kids shirts from there before, but never anything for myself.

  9. I like the Maxi too! Very nice!

  10. I love what I’ve seen so far, and would definitely buy from the range… as soon as it’s available a little closer to home.

  11. This is great. I don’t usually shop at Coles, so hadn’t seen this range – looks great though, and nothing like adding a few clothes to the cart with the groceries.

  12. I used to live in the UK and I loved shopping for clothes (and everything else a regular department store has) at the same time as shopping for my groceries. There’s a big shop in Brisbane called Pick’n’Pay that is basically just that, too. Half groceries, half department store. I’ve checked out the Mix range and it’s not too bad.

  13. Blog awak nie agak popular kat FB … ramai kawan2 share pos2 dari blog awak…
    saya nak mintak izin share gak la .. :)

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