I’m grateful for….the first time

Today I didn’t feel like writing.  It is the first time.  I am tired, it’s 5am, I haven’t had a coffee, but if I don’t write now, I wont get a chance.  As today we plan a first.

We are going to the beach.  The first time as a family of four.  Yes that’s right we live in the sunshine state and we have never gone to the beach, all together.

It’s the first time that there will be no excuses.  Neither of us are working, the kids have no sniffles, no visitors are expected, no birthday parties, the housework is almost done.

I can only hope for the first time things will go according to plan and the sky will not open up and pelt us with rain.  You know just to mock our plans.

It will be the first time she runs from the waves, squealing and giggling.  The first time to get sand caught between her tiny chubby feet.  The first time building sand castles with her brother.

So for that I am grateful.  The anticipation, the excitement, and the dreaming of the first time.

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A Sweet Little Birday Party!


Over the last 6 months one of the most popular blog posts on My Pigeon Pair was celebrating Little Miss A’s 1st Birthday!  These posts are littered throughout the blog, so today I have tried to combine them all together in one MASSIVE PARTY POST!

When it came time to celebrate Little Miss A’s Birthday party, I was more than a tad excited!  At last I could plan a little girls birthday party!  Of course the colour pallette would be PINK!  With a touch of green to celebrate that this little Irish baby was born on St Patrick’s Day!

With this colour pallette in mind I began to swoop upon possible themes.  I wanted something different, something I hadnt seen all over the net, luckily my party girls Anders ruff, yet again, came to the rescue.  Sweet Little Birdie!  Here are the printables!

Anders Ruff
On to her outfit and the extremely talented Tara K Designs designed and created this divine outfit for her!
With shoes and a hairband to match of course!  


Part of the table centrepiece, this divine print
From Owly Molly Print

The Birthday girl, ready to party in her
 gorgeous Tara K Designs outfit, shoes and all!
Thank you so much Kerrie, she was a pink birdie dream!

This is what happens when I attempt to get a photo of the Pigeon Pair together

It’s my Party, I am way too excited to sit still for a photo!
Master O: Are you excited about your Birthday party?

You bet I am!  I want to dance!!
Check out the feet!!!

Getting the table ready.
The gorgeous buntings are from Anders Ruff, of course!

A little tree with some sweet birdies 
The birdies are made using the paper in the Anders Ruff Party Package.

A little birdie, watching over the party from her nest.

Logo Bunting and Food Labels from Anders Ruff

Little Chocolate Birds nests
Whats a party without cupcakes?

Some Bickies in cupcake cups, perfect for baby hands!
cupcake cups from Robins Kitchen
Birdie Bickies
Worms in a nest
Prawns in Tart Shells with Lime Aioli
Little Miss A’s Great Grandmother sent some “Toroni”
Almond Nougat
A long standing tradition in our family, there is never a party without it!

Party Favours

Some little eggs to take home to your nest.

The Birthday Cake
I am sure it would be easier to buy a cake but it’s so much more rewarding to make one!
Icing mishaps and all!

Blow out your candles and make a wish!
The cake knife was an engagement present from my parents.
It has cut our engagement cake, wedding cake, both christening cakes and all of our birthday cakes ever since!
The cream ribbon is from our wedding, the blue from Master O’s Baptism and the pink from
Little Miss A’s baptism!

so lady like with a spoon for the cake….
Well for a moment at least….fingers work much better!

Did you say photo? Strike a pose!

Can you believe more than 7 months later I am getting a bit teary!  She has grown up so much since then!  She is still a party girl, but one of the easiest babies!  This day will always hold such special memories surrounded by all of our family and friends.  I will savour every photo captured as we are not having such a huge party next year….or will we??


The Organised Wardrobe of a little girl!

  So here it is.  The new and improved wardrobe configuration for Little Miss A and her clothes collection.

The majority of Little Miss A’s clothes are stored in this “MALM” set of drawers from IKEA.  Why these drawers?

Becuase these “SKUBB” containers from IKEA are made to fit perfectly in the “MALM” drawers!  They are perfect for housing these little clothes.

Good clothes hang in the cupboard.  So we are pretty sorted except for one thing….

How to store this pile of shoes???!!!!  I was hoping to put them in the hanging “castle” wardrobe organiser but it’s just not working!

The InstaHANGER clothes for the week system doesn’t need to work in here as she can’t dress herself! So I have a little basket (on the right) where I put her clothes for the next day.  

So two wardrobe transformations are nearly complete…now what to do with all those shoes???!!!!  Any ideas?

The Winner Is…The Vegie Smugglers Lunchbox Planner



Melissa – Things I’d Tell you


Deb – Home Life Simplified


CONGRATULATIONS!  Please email me at mypigeonpairblog@gmail.com to receive your awesome e-book!  Happy lunch making!

Wordless Wednesday ~ On the other side of the fence

This weekend Master O heard laughter coming from….the other side of the fence.

So this is how they spent the weekend.  Chatting, laughing playing with the neighbours over the fence.  Topics of conversations included why Bumblebee is better than Optimus Prime, which are the best playgrounds, and why are the ducks always on the road.  I couldn’t help but listen in!

Playing along with the gorgeous Trish from

My Little Drummer Boys

An Organised Wardrobe…Part One

This organising project has been our biggest so far, as it involved two rooms!   I have now organised the wardrobes in both Master O and Little Miss A’s Bedrooms.  Our wardrobes have long been a disaster areas piled with clothes that don’t fit, are disorganised and basically jammed in cupboards and drawers.  I used some “Pinspiration” to motivate me to get started and provide me with some great ideas about what I wanted to accomplish with these spaces.

1.  Use the space under childrens hanging clothes.  Childrens clothes are short and this leaves a lot of space under clothes, a great spot for some drawers, baskets or even adding another clothes rail.

2.  Little items are best stored in baskets or containers.

3.  Some items are best stored on shelves, if you don’t have shelves the hanging organisers are perfect.

4.  Coathangers of the same colour make the wardrobe look less cluttered.  As does a huge cull of what your children wear!  None of these wardrobes are overflowing with clothes!

5.  Neatly folded clothes.  Costs you nothing and looks amazingly neat and tidy.

I managed to do all five!  The proof is in the pictures.

So this is number 2, 3 and 5.  I have made the most of the shelves in Master O’s built in wardrobe by sorintg like items onto each shelf.  (Number 3 – Check!)

Top shelf: Lto R Pyjamas, Singlets (in container) Underwear, socks and Hats all in containers.  Behind them are a few long sleeved shirt as it can still be cool here in the mornings!  These containers from Ikea were perfect for all those little bits and pieces that are so hard to keep neat! (Number 2 – Check!)

Middle shelf: Shirts.  They do a left to right migration.  They start off as good shirts, progress to Kindy Shirts and end their lives as home shirts!  You can see on this shelf that I employed a little secret weapon to achieve  neatly folded clothes! More about that later! (Number 5- Check!)

Next Shelf: Shorts.  Two simple piles in containers.  Good Shorts, Kindy/Home Shorts.  I kept them in the same order so he knows what goes with what!

Bottom Shelf: Lto R A winter tracksuit, Transformers Costume (yes it gets its very own space and mud patch clothes.  Thes are the final starw clothes great for digging in the mud, painting, colour water play etc.

I did a massive cull on this side of the wardrobe.  Hanging up are Master O’s good clothes or special occasion outfits and jeans.  (Number 4 – check!) Can you see what is just peaking out underneath?

I have showed you this one before but I love it so much he got a second look in.  This is where master O’s outfits for the week go.  We are getting prepared for 5 days of button up shirts next year!  This is a great use of the space under his hanging clothes. (Number 1 ticked off the list!)  You can read more about this project HERE

I can’t believe how much more space I have, how much neater it looks and how it has made getting dressed a far less stressful and tantrum throwing experience!  

Of course there is more to come!  A whole other bedroom in fact!  

What’s working or maybe not working in your wardrobes?

Menu Plan Monday – The Lunchbox Edition and GIVEAWAY

 This is the last school term before Master O officially starts “School”!!!  I have a lifetime of preparing lunchboxes ahead of me, so I better start getting used to it.  This week a little lunch box helper arrived in my inbox….

This is exactly what I need.  A Plan.  With instructions.  And lists.  An organisers dream!

So this week I am having a practice run of creating dinner meals, with lunchboxes in mind.

Sunday ~ Dinner ~ Roast Beef with Roast Vegetables and Steamed cheesy Broccoli and Cauliflower.  By buying a larger than normal roast I am hoping to have enough for Sandwiches on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday ~ Dinner ~ Lamb Chops with Potato Salad and Stuffed Mushrooms.

Lunch ~ Roast Beef Bread Roll with Fruit Chutney!

Tuesday ~ Dinner ~ Poached Chicken and Caesar Salad.  For the kids Chicken Fried Rice.

This chicken will be used as a wrap filling for Wednesday and Thursday.  Add some Grated Cheese, lettuce and pesto! 

Lunch ~ Roast Beef Bread Roll with Fruit Chutney!

Wednesday ~ Dinner ~ Ham and Cheese Tortellini with Creamy Sauce.

Lunch ~ Chicken and pesto wraps

Thursday ~ Dinner ~ Sausages with Vegie Mash and Crunchy Parmesan Bread.

Lunch ~ Chicken and pesto wraps
The leftover sausage with be transformed into the Sausage and Couscous salad from the Vegie Smugglers Lunchbox Inspiration e-book.

Friday ~ Dinner ~ Beef Fajitas.

Lunch ~ Sausage and couscous salad.

Baking ~ I am going to make the meusli bars from the Vegie Smugglers Lunchbox Inspiration e-book!  Wish me luck, I am not much of a baker but the cost savings of making your own meusli bars is great motivation!

But wait there’s more….

The very generous Wendy Author of Vegie Smugglers is giving away 5 copies of the Vegie Smugglers Lunchbox Inspiration e-book.   To enter

1.  Like My Pigeon Pair and Vegie Smugglers on Facebook

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3.  Leave a comment HERE telling us which Vegie Smugglers recipe you love the best!

Entries open 6am Monday 17th October and Close 6am Wednesday 19th October. 5 winners will be chosen via random.org.  


The Winner is….My Posh Baby Boutique Giveaway


CONGRATULATIONS Elise!  You have until Midnight 17th October, to email us at mypigeonpairblog@gmail.com  to claim your gorgeous My Posh Baby Boutique prize!

5 Kids Paints You Can Make At Home

Making paint at home is as easy as diving into your pantry.  Yep, the pantry comes to rescue play time yet again.

Try these 5 simple paints to make at home!

Edible Finger Paint ~ Our Best Bites

DIY - Watercolours ~ Lilac Shilhouette

Puff Paint ~ Delaware County Moms

Chalkboard Paint Image ~ The Idea Room and Recipe ~ Martha Stewart

Sparkly Salt Paint ~ Erin Shakespear

 Master O has only one day of Kindy this week so we will be doing lots of painting at home!  First on our list will definitely be the Puff Painting!  Pinterest is not just good for inspiration but can lead you to a whole web of child friendly activities!

For more pantry play ideas click HERE

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I am grateful for……… my Dear iPhone

Remember my obsessive personality.  Well me and my iPhone4 have quite the serious relationship going on.  I can’t believe it took me years to succumb to the obsesion.  I was already in a daily commitment with my apple mac and well the iPhone has doubled the intensity of  my apple obsession.

Dear iPhone4,

To say you are a phone is a gross understatement.  You are my lifeline.  You are so thoughtful the way you take photos and videos and instantly send them to my Mum who is a thousand kilometres away.   You create my shopping lists, by allowing me to scan finished products from the pantry.  You are my guide, offering me maps when I am lost.  You are my voice, updating my Facebook status and sending out my tweet.  Sometimes you connect me to people.  But it’s time we had a talk.

I am grateful for the uncountable ways you, as my constant companion, have changed my life, but it’s time for a break.  It’s not over but I need some space.  We need some time apart.  It’s not you my dear iPhone.  It’s me.

  Why?  What could you, in all your perfectness, have done wrong? You have begun to come between me and my life.  The “real” life. Instead of treasuring the moment, I am constantly trying to “capture” it.  As if having the hard evidence recorded by you of a picture or video means it actually happened.  I am sorry but, that’s what memories are for.   

You tempt me with your constant flickering light, informing of the latest Facebook update.  I am weak.  I give in and find myself doubling the time I used to spend online.  You have provided me with a too convienient late night fix of Twitter, but it is leaving me exhausted and tired and unable to face people “in real life” as I have now taken the form of a zombie.

Sometimes you are as not as “smart” as you think.  You made me wake up an hour earlier after tricking me by changing time to daylight saving time.  You, in all your glory, can not move my time,  or give me more and even worse how dare you try and take it away.  But that is exactly what is happening.  

Please do not think there is someone else.  I know its bad timing with iPhone 4S being released, but I am not leaving you for a newer model.  This is about US.  Me and i.

I am too dependent on you and that is not a good thing.  I need to be with my “real” family and friends,  instead of glaring into your bright light.  I am grateful for all that you have brought to our relationship.  What we had was great.  But it’s time for some change. I will learn to “live” without you.  It will be hard, but I can do it.

I hope we will still be friends.  Remain amicable? I will still talk to you and call you and ask for your advice but you will not be my lifeline.   You need to spend more time in the car or on the desk and not right by my side.  You are not and will not be the center of my life. For in the big scheme of the world, you are after all, just a phone.

Love you,

Larissa xoxo