Tutu Dreaming…


Their is something magical about a tutu.  It can transform anyone, anywhere into a dancer. A Little tulle cloud concealing litle legs that dream of being a ballerina.  I always dreamed I would have little girl.  She would prance about the house in her dreamy pink tutu, practcing her plies and twirling with her hands in the sky.  And now those tutu dreams are coming true.  I still pinch myslef that little Miss A is here.  She wears her tutu around the house and to the shops and to bed and in the yard, everywhere!


 The tutu in our house is accompanied by  little bruised shins.  Their shiny purple and blue a realistic contrast to the skirt of dreams. This little ballerina is far from graceful but those clumsy toddler moves are full of enthusiasm.

And this is where Lauren from Gingersnaps Kidz comes in.  Apart from having a store that stocks soo many treasures she has also created the most divine range of tutus in every colour of the rainbow.  How gorgeous are they in the image above hanging side by side dreaming of new dancers to wear them!



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Wouldn’t it make a dreamy Christmas gift?  I am now off to dress Master O in a costume for dress up day, and not it does not involve a tutu! 

Entries open 6am Tuesday 1st November and close 6pm Friday 4th of November.  Open to Australian Residents only due to postage.  Winner chosen via random.org. 

Menu Plan Monday….The “in the box” edition!

This week is a crazily busy week for me!  Report Card writing, Kindy dress up day, an extra day of work at school, so I am taking the easy way out! This week I am using as many “box” meals as I can!  My theory is….Sunday prepare all the fillings, cheese, carrot, lettuce, tomato, capsicum, onion, cucumber and salsa.  Then each day just serve the dinner according to the instructions on the box!  It is just so easy to vary these recipes for little ones as well!  Most of these recipes require sour cream or yoghurt and by using similar recipes over the week none of these ingredients go to waste!

Monday – Lamb Wraps – ALDI Box. – $3.99

These are delicious and a family favourite.  We serve the kids meal with rice on the side and some yummy carrot sticks to dip in tzatziki sauce! Of for something different use the boxes contents to create some yummy lamb skewers and serve them like the image above!

Tuesday – Beef Tacos – ALDI Box – $3.99

The kids love using the taco shells to scoop up the mince! This is a messy one so be prepared.

Wednesday – Chicken Burritos – ALDI Box – $3.99

I steam some broccoli and green beans and serve the chicken with rice and vegies for the kids!  

Thursday – Beef Fajitas – Woolworths – $4.99

Using up the last of the sour cream for this one!  This has aways been a family favourite! 

Friday – Fast Food Friday!!!  Taking this one from Mummy Smiles!!!

These meals are cheap, quick and easy.  They all use similar ingredients which really helped our grocery budget as we weren’t buying a hundred different ingredients for each weekly meal.  Most importantly they are all so easy to adapt to feed the kids, its all about simplicity at our place!

So do you eat meals “out of the box”?

All images taken from our favourite food website taste.com

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Christmas Craft for Kids….Easy Ideas To Make at Home

 There are only 5 weeks left of the school year!  You know what that means?  It’s time to get out the glitter, paimt and crepe paper and emmerse your children in Christmas Craft!  Unfortunately it is alays this time of year that the clasroom budget starts to run dry so I have found some 5 year old friendly, cheap and creative ideas you can make at home!  


Hand me a Santa. Take some card and paint and a cute little handprint!  What a great memento of their 2011 Christmas.  If you want to turn it into a keepsake why not put it on a canvas!


Wrap a Wreath. This is an effective and easy family or class project!  Just use a wire coathanger, bend it into a wreath shape and then tie hundreds of ribbons on to it!  A handmade wreath!


Paper Roll Puppets. Got some toilet rolls and craft scraps!  How cute are these little guys!  They would make a wonderful puppet show!  These are obviously made by an adult but with a little help your child could make their very own christmas puppet!

Santa Sticks. I have these sticks!!!  I bought them at a 2 dollar store a while ago waiting to see what I would do with them!  You could use felt, paint, material scraps anything you can scrape together!  Add some ribbon to the top and hang them from the tree!


Countdown Claus. Is it chirtsmas yet?  How many more sleeps?  I will definitley be doing this clever idea!  LOVE it!  Just add a new cotton wall ball to santas beard every day!  I am going to send home this one to the students in my class.  Once school finishes they will still have more than 20 days to count down until Christmas!  Hopefully this helps pass the time!

My favourite….


Footprint Christmas Tree. How cute!  A perfect memento of how big they were!  You could put it on paper and lmainate it, turn it into a christmas card for family, or print onto a canvas and hang it up each christmas!  This is a double winner for me!  Great for my class and great for my own children!

So do you have a favourite Christmas Craft?

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I’m grateful for ….losing control.

I am a control freak.  I like things to go my way, you know, according to plan.  You would think after all these years of being a teacher and a mother I would have learnt how to let go.  How to let the reins loosen.  How to loose control.

 Dress Up Day.  Master O has a dress up day at Kindy this week.  If you are part of the flock you will know that I have been planning for this day.  Gathering images and ideas of creative and fun make at home costumes.  You know because I will win a mother of the year award if my child has an awesome costume! He wnats to go as Superman or Bumblebee.  Where is the creativity in that!  I have begged, pleaded, bribed, showed him other costumes but he is not budging.  So I let go.  It is HIS day.  HE can make this decision.

Prep Orientation.  After being a teacher at Prep Orientation meeting and greeting the new children, I have always imagined what my own child orientation will be like.  I have a long list of does and don’ts.  I have the whole scene played out in my head.  But now reality hits we will miss his orientation as we will be away!  Yes there have been tears.  Phone calls to the school.  Drastic attempt to rearrange things.  But I just have to let go.  We will not make it.  He will survive and so will I.

 So I am grateful for finally taking it upon myself to let go.  To loose control.  The sleepless nights, anxiety and stress have been letting go aswell.  I am learning, slowly, to put things in perspective, to keep it real, to take a chill pill.  It will be a long journey but I  am determined to try, in case I needed a reason why, I have two little gorgeous reasons, watching my every move.

Last Minute Kids Costumes

We don’t really celebrate Halloween in our home.  That doesn’t mean we don’t constantly seem to be looking for easy costumes to make!  Book week, children’s week, fancy dress parties it appears that costumes are needed more often than I ever imagined!  There is no need to succumb to commercial costumes, you can use what you have in your wardrobe and a little craftiness!

Home made Super Hero?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!  Why not create your own super hero costume!  They can wear their ordinary clothes and simply add a cardboard mask and belt a foam letter to their shirt and a cape made form fabric, a towel or sheet!

Got some spare egg cartons?  Take a plain grey, white or even black outfit add some egg cups and a hat made form styrofoam cups ad you have a space invader!!!

Have you seen the movie “Rio”??  Wear some bright clothes and add these clever and easy glasses for an easy bird costume!  

Now this is clever!  Look closely at the skirt.  It is made for a mop head!  and the shoes, and accessories?  A pair of thongs and some gift ribbons! Cheap, cute and VERY clever!

More mop head cleverness!  This time as pom poms and another skirt!  So simple!  For more costume ideas check out our BookWeek Ideas  and of course visit Martha Stewart.com where all of these creative costumes were found!

So what’s your favourite?  Can you give me any more ideas?

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Mummy at the Cricket



I am pulling some funny faces BUT


These were taken at the QLD launch of MILOin2Cricket by the AMAZING

Hannah Millerick ~ Check out her other photos here and here!
Playing along with….

My Little Drummer Boys

5 reasons your child should play sport…and it has nothing to do with exercise!

Remember the sporty spectrum?  Well I am on the end lounging with the other uncoordinated souls, basking in our tales of defeat.  But I am determined to not let my complete lack of coordination aand sporting ability affect Master O.  Sport is an integral part of childhood.  I want sport to be in his life.  He needs sport in his life.  Why?

 Experience Success.  There is no better way for a child to gain confidence than to experience success.  Success isn’t about winning.  It’s about doing well at something, achieving a goal and doing your best.  What better place to gain these invaluable skills than on the sporting field.  This is particularly relevant for children when “school is not their thing”  or they are dealing with behavioural issues.  Being able to channel excess energy into successful experiences not only builds a child’s confidence but their self worth.

Raise Resilience.  It is enivitable that when playing sport their will be losses, injuries and times when things do not go your way.  Especially in today’s society it is important for children to learn how to accept these setbacks and become resilient against them.  I am not talking about a “harden up” mentality.  But how to accept defeat graciously, how to persist when things are hard, and how to shrug off lifes setbacks.  Playing sport not only teaches child all of these essential life skills but it does it in an informal and social way using with rich and real experiences. 

Listen and Learn.  Master O has selective hearing.  I don’t know if my nagging voice just no longer registers on his audio radar or if he just likes to do his own thing.  Playing sport forces children to listen to others, follow instructions and directions.  In sport like life their are rules.  If you don’t follow them you will be penailsed.  When playing sport, referees and coaches will tell them things they might not like to hear, but they will have to listen.  Even better its coming from someone that is not their mother! If you can teach your child to listen and follow instructions not only will life be easier for them and you but their teachers will be eternally grateful!

Friends and Models.  No this has nothing to do with the fact that we met the divinely gorgeous Chloe Maxwell at sport.  I mean role models.  Coaches can be a perfect role model and valuable influence in a childs life.  It is essential that a child has people outside of their family to look up to, to aspire to be like, to nurture and motivate them.  Playing sport instantly widens a childs cricle of friends.  Through sport children are introduced to other children of differing ability, age and background and they learn how to get along and cooperate with each other.  It’s not just socially good for childrens.  Parents make friends as well, theres nothing like sitting on the sidelines, cheering your child on and socialising with other parents at the same time!  

 Sport and Study.  The skills learnt on the sports field can help your child study.  Playing a sport takes commitment so does study.  The links are numerous and important. It develops hand eye coordination and motor skills.  The same skills used in throwing a ball help your child learn to write!  It uses both sides of your childs brain.   It assists in expanding attention span.  Al these skills are classroom essentials.

 So where does that leave our family.  We have tried just about everything searching for that magical sport to equip Master O with all these skills.  Soccer, Karate, Gymnastics and yet we still have not committed to a sport.  Until now.

Now we have found Cricket.   I know what your’e thinking.  Becuase I was thinking it too. We dont have time for Cricket.   What about all that standing around?  Its in the sun. They have to wear hard to wash whites.  Well you spoke and QLD Cricket listened.  The new “MILO in2Cricket” is a cricket revolution.  Forget what you thought you knew about cricket.  This game is exciting, short (around an hour), requires no uniforms and is not played in the midday sun!  “MILO in2Cricket” is reclaiming the weekend!  It is aimed at children aged 5-10 years old  and is a skill based, fun program that allows the whole family to participate.  Master O participated in a clinic format introduction, the pictures tell it all ….

Ready, Aim, Throw

Watch where that ball is going!



Batter up! Oops wrong sport!

Yep, that's Master O learning how to catch with...ALLAN BORDER!

What’s not to love about this!  He had fun, he listened, he learnt new skills. At $60 a season it is cheaper than all the other sports we have tried and he received a backpack, cricket bat, soft rubber cricket ball (no smashed windows!) a t-shirt and sun safe hat! Perfect to use to practice at home.  This summer more than 200 MILOin2cricket centres will be running around QLD!  To find the one closest to you check out www.in2cricket.com.au 

Work At Home Mum ~ Spotty Owl Designs

When I started “My Pigeon Pair”  I featured a lot of work at home businesses.  Time has got away from me and life is sooo busy but today I want to MAKE time to introduce a new business and blog that has popped up on our radar.

Spotty Owl Designs.

In the words of Spotty Owl Designs creator Laura.

“Spotty Owl Design is a WA-based business providing gorgeous handmade items to businesses and homes across Australia. Established in February 2011, Spotty Owl Design has already supplied over 100m of bunting to corporate clients but the most popular item is absorbent cloth nappies for dolls which were recently exhibited at the Perth Royal Show. They also produce nursery and bedroom decor, toys, gifts, clothing and more.

I’ve been sewing since I was 4 and have been asked by people to make all sorts of items… including some custom cloth nappies for a sweet little preemie baby.  When I was contacted by a Melbourne Marketing firm about being their bunting supplier I decided to set up properly as a sole trader. Most of the things I made are the things I have been making for years for myself, for my Guide Unit or for my daughter.

I work fulltime as an Office Manager in the Resource Sector so my business is my little creative outlet, my thing I do just for me. Besides which, I sew and make way more than one household can hold!”

You can find all of Laura’s creations on Facebook and on her blog!

To celebrate our 1000 Facebook Likers (yes that celbration is still going) Laura is giving away a hair clip frame to a lucky member of the flock!


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3.  Leave a comment here telling us why you would love a hairclip frame!

The fine print.  Giveaway open 7am October 24th and Closes 7pm October 26th.  Open to Australian residents only due to postage.  Winner chosen via random.org.

Good Luck!

Enter our home….

What is the first thing you see as you walk in your front door?  A place of function or great design?  Is it inviting?  Tell something about who you are?

Well ours is bland.  We have a gorgeous chandelier and a lovely french antique table but as a display area it lacks well…..everything! I want it to be a place that looks good all year round.  Something easy to change with the seasons and celebrations.  So yet again I go looking for some pinspiration…

6th Street Design School

Simple decor as the statement mirror and elegant table say it all. 


I would love for our entry table to be a place to display family photos!

Good Girl Gone Glad

LOVE LOVE LOVE, this is my kind of colour pallette and style.  Love that simple mirror and the wallpaper is divine!

6th Street Design School

I would love a mirror over the table but am worried about the mess we might see in the reflection!

Country Girl Home

Symmetry meets classic and elegant decor.

the house of smiths

I love the idea of a picture rail.  That way I can easily change frames and pictures with the seasons without dealing with hooks in the wall!

and who would be the queen of all things photo display?

Becky Higgins

Becky Higgins of course!  Becky is the mastermind behind Project Life!  I love this novel idea, of frames within a frame.  I have the perfect spot for this!  Its a picture box with a very ordinary photo in it at the moment.  I am thinking some wall paper and matching frames will look amazing in our space!

So what’s on your entry table?

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