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I’m grateful for…scary teachers

It was 1988.  The Austrlalian bicentenial year and following the excitement of the tall ships sailing into Sydney Harbour, my baby brother arrived.  Literally, that day. Australia Day 1988.  A few days later the new school year started.  I LOVED … Continue reading

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Saving Photo Memories ~ Things I Know

I know that I am a reformed photo album procrastinator.  Yes it is a condition.  I googled it. I know that as a result of this Master O does not have a Baby Album.  I know this causes me to … Continue reading

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Children’s Chores and Charts ~ It’s easy as 1,2,3

I am all about teaching children responsibility and independence.  I have witnessed many a child starting school who struggles to do the simplest tasks by themselves.  The number of children who refuse tot take up any “helpful”tasks of their own … Continue reading

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A new family member ~ Wordless Wednesday

He is there when we wake up, he visits during the day and will always join us for afternoon tea.  ”Kooky” is the tamest bird we have ever come across! He lets us hand feed him and here he is … Continue reading

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Teacher Gifts ~ Home Made by YOU!

Teachers are very special people.  We all can remember a teacher in our life that made a big difference, wether it be positive or negative.  Master O has been blessed by two remarkable teachers!  They put up with 22, 4 … Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner? Meal Plan Monday ~ The International Edition

This week we are spicing it up a bit and attempting some International cuisine.  Growing up in an Italian household, as children we ate the most AMAZING meals.  BUT I can’t say we ever had a greek souvlaki, a pad … Continue reading

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Pantry Inspiration ~ That’s

This week before we gave our Pantry a much needed makeover I went to my favourite place for some inspiration….PINTEREST Glass jars anyone? next house WE MUST HAVE a Butler’s Pantry! Do it yourself coordinating labels! Love the colour in … Continue reading

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I’m grateful for…chaos

This week can be best described as chaotic. I’m grateful for a chaotic house.  It means that we are living, having fun and using the things we own.  Boy has our playroom got a work out these holidays! I’m grateful … Continue reading

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Homework, Study Space, Work Station??

We are lucky enough to have a purpose built study in our house.  Back in the days before children, laptops and wifi we used it all the time.  It is a uniquely shaped room, small but with lots of windows … Continue reading

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The Pantry is Organized!

 Thank goodness for school holidays!  Surely they timed it with “spring” cleaning for a reason?  We have got to work on our pantry!  When I say work I mean culling, scrubbing, sorting, buying and rearranging. Are you ready?  Here it … Continue reading

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