Spread the love ~ Lunchbox notes

It may not be Valentine’s Day but
you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to start spreading some love!
How about a cute lunchbox note in your child’s lunch box today! 
It may be a simple smiley face on a post it note (thanks Mum!)
or a crazy joke 
or if you really have some time and want to get creative how about these 

What a lovely way to brighten your child’s day!
Why not surprise some work colleagues with an anonymous cheery note on their lunch!
So fess up do you pop notes into your childs lunch box??


  1. I love this idea. Such a simple thing can be so powerful! I can imagine that if someone is not having the best of days, and then get a lovely note, a smile will come about. But even for those that are having the best day ever, what another fantastic surprise to put a smile on one’s face. :) love it! thanks x

  2. I do! I’ve done it often, randomly since he started Prep (he was an early reader). But the last one got him horribly teased by a bully so I’ve not been game to do one again.

    But I love the idea of putting a simple joke or something in. That might go down! Thanks!

    You’re introducing me to some sites I might get hooked on. This is bad. Dangerous. I’m blaming you when they start me on a 12 step program. 😉

    Have a beautiful day. It’s spring!

  3. Love this post. I am going to try to remember to link this up with my cherish your cherubs post on sending love to your cherubs. Some awesome ideas here. N x

  4. I don’t write notes, but I have been known to draw a heart or a smiley face on the yoghurt lid.

  5. These are cute. I used to add little notes when my babes were little but I haven’t in a while.

  6. A beautiful idea , I used to do it to my hubby. My little boys would love them.

  7. My husband’s popped in little notes when I’ve been teaching :) Makes my day!

  8. These are to cute having two boys 8 and 13 i dont think they would love the idea of having notes but i think i will keep this in mind for next year when my little girl starts school

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