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Spread the love ~ Lunchbox notes

It may not be Valentine’s Day butyou don’t need to wait for a special occasion to start spreading some love! How about a cute lunchbox note in your child’s lunch box today! It may be a simple smiley face on a … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Cook

  A cooking masterpiece.   On the menu ~ Soup of Broccoli, Parsley and Cabbage with a touch of sugar and salt.   For dessert – Green Berries.   Otherwise know as leaves, weeds and sand “cooked” over a palm … Continue reading

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Play with your food – Turn your pantry into play opportunities!

Ever find that despite your home being over run with store bought toys, it is the household items that the kids want to play with?   The pots and pans, a ball of string, a cardboard box, the wooden spoons? … Continue reading

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Menu Plan Monday ~ The Busy Mum’s Freezer Edition

We are a very BUSY family of four.  I am ashamed to admit that sometimes, especially on the days I work, I have not exactly made the best meals for my family.  But it’s time to take stock and fix … Continue reading

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Father’s Day ~ Print It!

 This is my last Father’s Day 2011 post…..I promise. I just had to share these amazing and creative free printable designed by other Mummy Bloggers out there in the blogosphere!  Why not use this weekend to print away!  Simply click … Continue reading

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I’m grateful for ….sports day

You will find me on the opposite end of the sporty spectrum to olympic athletes.  There I lounge with the other couch potatoes and uncoordinated runners  as we console each other with similar tales of defeat.   My own childhood … Continue reading

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A little birdie saved my fashion – Birdsnest

Remember how much I just LOVE clothes shopping with two children? The hijacking of other peoples changerooms, the awkward looks from shop attendants and not to mention the hours spent hunting  for something vaguely resembling fashion, in stores that clearly … Continue reading

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What you REALLY need to teach your child….Keeping it R.E.A.L

      Want to know the most common question I am asked as an Early Childhood Teacher?     What can I do to help my child at home?    Naturally this would usually come with a long winded, personalised … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Sneaky!

Who stole the rice bubbles from the cereal jar? Little Miss A’s latest snack favourite!  Dry rice bubbles by the handful! Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday

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Father’s Day ~ Make It!

Can you believe that  Father’s Day is just around the corner?   It usually fills me with dread!   I leave it to the last minute and then resort to getting the kids to do a drawing, pop it in … Continue reading

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