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Capturing Memories – Creating a family photo display

We may be away, but naturally my thoughts are never far from finding inspiring ideas to fill our lives! I have spent many precious moments going through old family photos,  admiring the classic shots of days gone by and frantically … Continue reading

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What’s For Dinner – Meal Planning with the Organised Housewife

Wow what a weekend and it’s only half way through!!! I have made some BIG decisions about the “My Pigeon Pair” blog this weekend! Can’t wait to share the journey with you! But back to reality, I have meals to … Continue reading

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I’m grateful for…… Twitter

Fancy that.   I have found something to love about another little birdie. I have previously made a few false starts at  swooping in on the twitter action but this time it really happened!   I was swept away out of … Continue reading

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Say what???

Master O, aged 4 is getting married.   Or so he announced this week.   Being a teacher of this age group I should have seen it coming.   I have witnessed many a lunchtime wedding ceremony complete with pipe … Continue reading

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What’s for dinner? Meal Planning Monday

Monday Baked Tandoori Whole Chicken – Rice and Steamed Greens. This is a marinated chicken from Woolworths. As much as we love it, it is a little spicy for the kids so we peel off the skin and cut up … Continue reading

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Talking chalk…..Fiona Kate Chalkboard Labels

Remember our Project Playroom? Well we had an awesome TROFAST storage system from IKEA that now houses the majority of our toys…..there is just one problem….. It was looking like this…. No it’s not the poor excuse for lighting when … Continue reading

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Grateful for……sleep in whatever form it comes!

This week is all about sleep.    Lack of sleep, no sleep, sleeping through, sleeping in your own bed  and the constant how did you sleep last night? So I am grateful for….. 1. Sleeping Through.  Last night, Miss A … Continue reading

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Big Bloggy News

Are you ready for the big bloggy news??? My Pigeon Pair has 2,  yes TWO articles on the AMAZING Lovely Living website!!!! I am just lost for words (yes it does happen!) but maybe this sums it up?? Thank you … Continue reading

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Why didn’t I think of that?? 3 Clever Organising Ideas

Inner B The Button’s in a Business Card Holder! I have not had a good track record of keeping track of those buttons, sequins and beads and threads that come with new items of clothing.  I have just been throwing … Continue reading

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What’s for dinner? Meal Planning Monday

Our meals have a twist this week! NO OVEN! The heating element on our oven has died and we can’t get it fixed (by the hubby) until at least Friday! So this week all our meals are made on the … Continue reading

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